Kouzei Kagami

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The Poster Boy of Great Misfortune
Personal Information
Real Name Kouzei Kagami
Arcana X. The Wheel of Fortune
Nature Persona-user
Gender Male
Age 19
Birth Date April 4th, 1993
Preferred Weapon Imitation Katana
Organization Information
Faction Unaffiliated
Teams None
Divisions None
Assignment Tatsumi Port Island
Persona - Binbou-gami
OOC Information
Origin The victim of a tragic past including copious amounts of misfortune. Yet still he presses on, with no fear of the future.

  • Weapon
    Muramasa Magatsuhi: Kouzei's Magai-no-Muramasa, with a few modifications to the weaponized scabbard. Wielded in a devastating, destructive style that can really mess with an enemy's combat abilities.
  • Body
    Black Coat: A durable black longcoat, good for looking stylish on motorcycle rides.
  • Feet
    Leather Boots: Ordinary leather boots. Typical biker fare, nothing special at all.
  • Accessory
    None: Slot currently empty.
Social Links
0. The Fool

Minako Arisato - A fellow Fra Mauro student who was part of the group that rescued Kouzei from Mikiya. Doesn't have much of an opinion on her.

I. The Magician

II. The Priestess

III. The Empress

IV. The Emperor

V. The Hierophant

VI. The Lovers

Mimi Raharu - A Gekkoukan girl met in a chance encounter. Kouzei feels a connection with her, partially because she didn't believe the rumors that his bad luck would spread. She taught him what she knows about Personas and healed him after a nasty fight, which cemented his feelings for her in his mind and allowed him to confess his love for her. They've promised to train and get stronger together. A night spent visiting Naganaki Shrine together ended in their entering a committed relationship.

VII. The Chariot

VIII. Justice

IX. The Hermit

X. Fortune

Naoto Shirogane - The famous Detective Prince. Kouzei doesn't seem to like him much, but they're working on solving the intertwined cases of the mysterious disease and the patients' subsequent disappearances.

Ran Itoh - A fellow Fra Mauro student who was part of the group that rescued him from Mikiya. Doesn't have much of an opinion on her yet.

XI. Strength

XII. The Hanged Man

XIII. Death

XIV. Temperance

XV. The Devil

XVI. The Tower

Mikiya Ryouhara - An unknown assailant who beat the crap out of him and captured him for the NWO. Doesn't actually know his name though.

XVII. The Star

XVIII. The Moon

XIX. The Sun

XX. Judgment

"Thou art I... And I am thou... I am Binbou-gami, the spirit of misfortune. Such an unlucky soul will need my power!"

A haunted figure enveloped by a shower of coins that serves as both Kouzei's inner power and a constant reminder of his misfortune. What darkness must lie within his soul, if his inner self is the embodiment of the malevolent force that caused him so much pain?

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