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Full Name コロマル
Aliases Koro, korochan, koro-channn
Arcana XI - Strength
Persona Cerberus
Nature Persona-user
Gender Male
Preferred Weapon Knives
Faction SEES
Teams Attackers
Job Faithful SEEShound
Origin Persona 3
"Woof woof!"
Profile And Skills

Profile: A white-furred, red-eyed Akita dog formerly owned by the caretaker of Naganaki Shrine. Even after his master died, Koromaru ever loyal protected the shrine and even walked himself, taking the same route his master always took. Injured while defending the shrine from a Shadow during the Dark Hour, he was discovered by SEES and nursed back to health. Now fitted with an Evoker collar, Koromaru fights alongside SEES in return for saving his life as an ally, not as a pet. While Koromaru will only ever have one master, he is nevertheless very loyal to his packmates in SEES.

Skills: Koro-Channnnnn!, Man's Best Friend, Girl's Best Friend Too, Boy's Best Friend As Well, Everyone's Best Friend, Except Shadows And Strega, And Other Evildoers, Wangire, Former Temple Dog, Self-Walking Dog, Won't Eat Yukari's Cooking, Loves Doggie Clothing, Won't Let You Rub His Belly, Eats Like A Wolf (Or Tiger), Pen-Thief, Fetcher Of Odd Items

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