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Located just outside of Sumaru City, Kikkashou Academy is an old, prestigious middle school for girls around 12-15 years old. It is populated primarily of young girls from old families or families in positions of power in various Japanese industries.

Kikkashou Academy was first established as a means to begin properly educating and grooming young girls of upper class families into educated and well-rounded wives of the elite and upper class. Today, Kikkashou Academy now focuses on grooming them into becoming educated contributing members to Japanese society, offering courses on various languages, sciences, and maths alongside classes on traditional subjects like ikebana arrangement, naginatajutsu, and tea-serving. Many powerful women in today's society have hailed from there, and credit the academy for jump-starting their interest in their future careers and goals when they were young.

Those who know of the existence of the NWO would find that many of the recent classes of students tended to be daughters of various members or funders of the NWO. It is, however, not the school's primary focus, nor is there any firm link between the two.

Their school colors are brown, yellow, and orange, and their school signet is based around the chrysanthemum.

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