Kaito Yoshida

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Kaito Yoshida

NPC's Full Name Kaito Yoshida
NPC Owner Daisuke Itami
NPC Faction Unaffiliated
NPC Type Civilian
NPC Description Son of a poor family in Hirasaka, Kaito Yoshida is the type of person who would have gone his whole life unnoticed and uncared for. Recent events, however, have propelled the man to infamy, first becoming a vocal supporter of the anti-government protest movements, and then, far more notably, his attack on City Hall and assassination attempt on Sumaru's mayor. Currently under police custody, recuperating from his injuries at Yumezaki Municipal, he is now a subject of interest thanks to the bizarre events that occurred during his attack: metaphysical phenomenon all centered around a man who, from any perspective you might look, does not have an ounce of Potential... and the connection these phenomenon have to the fact that Kaito had been heavily using the new drug Cintamani in the time before the attack...

NPC Activity

Date Name Details
2-08-2014 Gene Parmesan Kaito Yoshida, under some enigmatic influence, launches an attack on City Hall and Sumaru's mayor.
2-23-2014 Gene Parmesan Katsuya Suou and Ran Itoh interrogate Kaito Yoshida.
Another date Another name Another detail
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