Kagura Enjou

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Kagura Enjou
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Personal Information
Real Name Dr. Kagura Enjou
Aliases Kagura, enjoy
Arcana Devil
Gender Female
Age 25
Birth Date March 16
Preferred Weapon Bonesaws
Organization Information
Faction NWO
Teams Inaba PD
Job Forensic Scientist
Divisions On The Take
Persona - Abezethibou
OOC Information

"Hmhmhm~ Now, let's begin the operation, shall we? <3"


Have you ever met an impossibly gorgeous woman in an unlikely place... say, a teacher, a nurse or a businesswoman at work that seemed to spark an immediate attraction? No matter if she was shouting at you for arriving late or if she was quietly reading a book or saying 'Good morning' with her daily cup of coffee in hand... everything she did seemed to be a tease. Kagura Enjou is that woman. Professional, confident, intelligent and exuding feminine, exotic sensuality even in her tasteful business attire, she fuels the fantasies of young and old men alike (and even some women). She is the stereotypical 'sexy scientist'. The alluring 25-year old, half-Indian forensics scientist has recently experienced a meteoric rise in her career, which some attribute to her remarkable success in obtaining valuable information from evidence (and some others claiming it was more due to her charms and other... assets). She is frequently sent around the nation to assist police departments in their investigations. But is her secret to success really just a result of intelligence, skill or sex appeal?


Sexy Scientist, Kiss And Tell, Kiss And Cry, The Honeyed Taste Of Sin, A Valuable Asset, Assets Include HUGE... Tracts Of Land, Tease, Vinyl Lab Coats, Oooh~ She Touches Your Tra-La-La, Bondage Queen (In The True Devil Sense), Fetish Bait, Hates Fetishists On A Completely Unrelated Note, Lead Me Not Into Temptation; I Can Find It Myself

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