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As KNOWS has been disbanded following the collapse of its castle into the Inaba Mine Tunnels, this page is kept only for historical interest.

KNOWS Overview

KNOWS is a group of persona users formed and recruited by Takahisa Kandori. split into two internal groups. The Daybreak Squad and the Nightfall squad. They live in a castle in Inaba, erected as a hidden construction project by SEBEC. The group nominally is a scholarship project, but through a variety of strings, bribes, manipulations, and in some cases a dedication to SEBEC's goal of Japanese domination, many people have entered into the group.

Daybreak is a "face" group, they do reconnaisance, establish contacts, research things, and provide coordinates for precision strikes. They also handle issues involving delicate matters, like "talking to people".

The Nightfall Group is a consortium of powerful but... direct persona users. They handle issues where elegance is not a concern, just sheer brutal effectiveness. They tend to be used to help send messages or handle urgent but difficult situations.


Crossposted from the MUSH so this information doesn't end up lost/is easier to find.

Q: What is this thing and why am I in it?

A: Knows is many things to many people. To the public, it is a youth incentive program using a system of perks, "tough love" martial arts training, and psychological treatment to produce healthy, dynamic young members of society who fly right into bright futures working for the betterment of Japan. To those in the KNOW, it is a testbed for SEBEC's biological science on a largish scale. Work is done to give people anything they wish for - perks for service. As long as the KNOWS members accept various special "assignments", they get their wishes made real.

As to how people end up in it - students can apply, if they have some special talent or connections. Those with the Potential to be Personas, and the Shadow Possessed, are always given a spot if their talent is even slightly useful and they can be depended upon to do their "duty". Still more are children, of the potential or not, "sold" to SEBEC by their parents out of loyalty to the NWO's cause or (more frequently) for perks and favors.

Many members don't know the true sinister nature of the organization, and most KNOWS members are troubled in some way or another that is satisfied by KNOWs.

Q: Perks? What kind of perks?

A: Examples include the fact that all KNOWS members get a 25 percent discount at all stores in the mall. We have Hot Topic. Others include the fact that Tohya's mother receives a cure for her illness that lets her be, well, a mother. Without SEBEC treatment, she would be dead by now. Some receive access to the inner workings of the NWO, or the ability to call down hit squads. Adachi got unlimited sea urchin. Farah's pay puts the rest of you to shame but she's responsible for being a mother hen and bandaging the booboos. We will also optionally bribe your teachers so you place well on the exam tables.

Q: So, what's this complex?

A: Built just outside the Inaba city limits, this building is a medieval castle. The ground floor is a mall, the upper floor are extravagant dormitories. The basement is off limits to everyone, which means almost everyone has snuck down there and found a labyrinthine mess of tunnels and multi-purpose rooms. It looks a bit like a high school.

Q: How do you afford all this?

A: We're a multinational company that has its hands in everything, hand in hand with the richest of Japanese loyalists and businessmen. Also, the pharmaceutical testing and other benefits we get far outweigh the costs of such an operation.

Q: How many members are there?

A: Around 100 at any one time, about 20-30 of whom have Personas and the rest of whom are often in line for one.

Q: Is there a uniform?

A: Yes, it's red and has the KNOWS logo on the back: a picture of the Lucky Lion roaring cheerfully.

Q: What kinds of "assignments" does KNOWS get asked to perform?

A: Varies depending on what you're willing to do, but we're not above sending persona users out to spy or attack or rob, if it serves us or them. But the one consistent thing is that more assignments come with more perks.

Q: Who's in charge?

A: Tohru Adachi and Farah Newman. Yes seriously. Adachi handles when one of you guys sets a cow on fire or something and is overseer/good example. Farah is the mother hen, makes sure the kids play safe, and bandages them up at the end of the day. She will generally come running if need be.

Q: Do I have to get along with my teammates?

A: No. What? Why? No. If you kill your teammates, you gain their Quickening. (We have a process to extract it from the body and inject it into YOU, the consumer! :D:D:D)

Q: What if I don't have a Persona?

A: As we mentioned before, we can give you one. You just need to get a needle injection once a week. There are no negative consequences (that we know of), and the Persona ability only needs an evoker to call it out. Basically you get a cell phone evoker that can "dial" different Personas out of your brain. Now with 100 percent less "accidentally getting a real gun and shooting yourself".

Q: What do we tell people who aren't in the KNOW?

A: You tell them it's a scholarship program which pays your way through school while giving you boring seminars on business leadership and giving you tests/surveys to fill out to make sure you're keeping up with your studies. They basically HAVE to bribe you with mall stuff and group trips or you'd so be out of that boring place in five minutes. OR you were sent there like military school which it basically is.

Q: Are puns mandatory?

A: Punning is compulsory by edict of Tatsuzou "Oldzilla" Sudou, and we are only too happy to Bengay.

Q: Why Adachi?

A: Tohru Adachi is a sterling example of Japan's finest police work who was handed a bad rap and will not be slandered.

Q: But Adachi-

A: Look, he's no danger.

Q: But the murders-

A: To me. No danger /to me/.

Q: But seriously-

A: Shut up.

Q: Why Farah?

A: Farah has a knack for escaping, a protective love of children, and is a legitimate face on our organization. She also appreciates Kandori's food.

(The preceding information is OOC, for your convenience in making KNOWS characters, but you can assume reasonable facsimiles of these answers are obtaininable IC with a little work.)

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