Hanako Ohtani

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Aliases Hanako, Sexy
Arcana XIX - The Sun
Gender Female
Faction Unaffiliated
Job Yu's Secret Admirer
Origin Persona 4
"I'm on a diet right now, so this is all that I made. It has to last me."
Profile And Skills

Profile: Hanako Ohtani is difficult to miss, due to her massive size in both height and width. Most people know little about her beyond her striking obesity. She currently resides in Inaba, and commutes to Sumaru on a regular basis as she's enrolled in a culinary arts program there. She's made it no secret that she plans on one day becoming a master chef for a five-star restaurant, or possibly establishing her own. Despite her appearance, Hanako seems oddly confident and self-assured, and is best remembered for appearing on stage in a feminine two-piece for the Yasogami High beauty pageant during the swimsuit competition.

Skills: Rewards Good Test Results, Good Grades Lead to INTIMACY, Economy-Sized Shoujo Heroine, Curry Expert, Culinary Wonder, Rocks a Two-Piece, Abnormally Sized Head, Still Stalk--I MEAN IN LOVE WITH Narukami-san, Can We Summon That?, Rare and Exotic Beauty, Bootylicious

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