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"I'm getting out of here! If you don't wanna die, you should head back, too. Unless you can fight demons, of course..."

What are demons?

Demons are supernatural creatures, similar to Shadows in some respects. Unlike Shadows, they are sapient and possess personalities and drives. They have complex relationships with humans, which can range from temporary alliances or mutual agreements to outright hostility.

Where do demons come from?

Demons come from the demon world, or at least that's what they'll say if asked. Where they actually hail, though this is not IC knowledge at present, is from the Collective Unconsciousness, like Shadows and Personas: they are also representations of things born from human minds.

What are demons like?

Demons possess personalities and drives, but they are not typically complex ones. They tend to have two-dimensional personalities, that are shared among other demons of its type, that is, a Jack Frost demon is usally very much like any other Jack Frost demon.

Demons are fundamentally alien creatures that abide by their own logic, so they may betray someone relying on them at a moment's notice... or spare someone from death, if that's their whim.

There can be weird exceptions to the above, but these tend to be plot devices or other singular individuals.

Where are demons found?

Demons are found in supernaturally-charged areas, which just means that you usually won't find a demon under your desk at work, but there might be something lurking in an almost never used coat closet in the basement. They especially favor places few humans tread.

Mikage-cho is home turf for demons, but they can be found in most places, especially in Sumaru City. A small colony of demons exist deep within the Inaba mines.

How do demons and humans interact?

As stated above, it varies! Demons can feel many different things about humans, and vice versa for humans about demons. A few points bear mentioning:

  • Humans killed by demons always rise again as zombies.
  • Most humans can't see demons, unless they are actually being directly attacked by the demon in question.
  • Demons, like Personas, can't be photographed.
  • Demons may be allies, but they will never engage in combat on a human's direct order.

What about rumor demons?

Rumors can reshape ambient demonic energy into a new form. Like Shadows, these demons cannot be reasoned with. Confrontations with them are always violent.

Their form and activity derives the rumor that birthed them to the letter. Most typically, these rumors tend to reflect urban legends and the like though not always. The only thing someone needs to create a rumor demon is to spread a rumor.

Despite their origin, rumor demons tend to leave behind a token of some sort when destroyed. Certain people will sometimes give rewards for these tokens for various reasons, some because it's proof the creature existed. Most people just think of these as strange tokens as things that are 'said to be supernatural'.

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