Cutscene: We Can Do It

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Who: Yuuka Chiba
Where: Velvet Room
When IC: Tuesday, March 31, 2010
When OOC: 10/5/2010

Yuuka wasn't totally surprised to see the Velvet Door appear as she wandered down the streets of Port Island, so shrugging, the young teen stepped through it. She gives a curtsey neatly to Igor and Elizabeth, both of them still sitting on the Velvet Stage of the librarium that makes up her unique Velvet Room.

"You have come far." Igor says. "Your social standards have both reversed and stopped, and turned all the way around. Pixie has found her way into your heart, and your affinity with Ice has come to fore."

A blue tarot card appears in the air, and Yuuka carefully crushes it.

Jack Frost appears. "We can do it, hee ho!"

"..." Yuuka is stunned silent.

Igor smiles. Elizabeth chuckles.

"God damn it, Yosuke!"

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