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Lunarvale - Yamagatani Estate - January 14th, 2010. 10:30 PM.

What a long day it was. It seemed to never end. The poor child wished it had never occurred.

Yoh walked through the door of his home, thoroughly beaten in spirit. What was witnessed today would surely affect him the rest of his life.

Flashbacks to the day earlier were swimming through his mind. Seeing that muscular girl attack with such powers as those? And that man... Kandori... such fearful magic. Watching the scene play out in his head troubled him. Thankfully, a gentle, feminine voice disintegrates his worries in an instant. "Sweetie! You're home!" With that, a woman rushes the boy, hugging him. Yoh chuckles to himself for a while, before returning the hug, and stepping to the side. The woman was none other than Michi Yamagatani, Yoh's mother.

"I hope all was well," Michi said with a smile, relieved to see that her child was in one piece still. "It... it was," Yoh replied, though biting his tongue due to the hesitation. He knew it would trigger something. The woman took a step back, and quirked a brow. She had put on the dreaded suspicion face. It was hard for Yoh to make eye contact, making it worse. "Uh-huh... Well, dinner is ready," Michi replied before heading elsewhere in the house. The boy did not want to burden his mother with what he found out. As he took off his shoes, he looked at a picture of his grandmother. She had since passed, but he knew her well while she was alive. As he started at the picture, he couldn't help but wonder, what she, and her father would do.

The boy took his dinner upstairs, finishing it and readied himself for bed. As he lay there in the soft covers, he wondered... That power. If those he had met have it... anyone could have it. "What do I do..." the boy muttered to himself. "... What if..." The boy grew too tired to talk. All that swam in his head was... what if he got in a street fight, and someone had such a vicious power? He couldn't win against that! He could even get killed! What if that happened... His mother would have no one left. Sure, somewhere in the world his father may still yet live, but he wasn't here. How could he help those who need it, whilst living in fear of such strength?

As the boy drifted away into deep sleep, a pair of eyes peered through a crack in the door. Michi could tell when something was wrong. It was motherly instinct. But it was unlike her little Yoh to not talk about it. Many times the boy had come to her for advice, and was not afraid to acquire it from her. She slowly closed the door, as to not disturb him. 'He will talk to me about it, when he feels like it,' is all she thought as she headed to bed with a solemn smile.

~ I'll take my chances, racing time
Re-writing the book, for all to see
On my own, I can ride the winds of change
To heal a broken time, a broken world. ~

Yoh dreamed about many things that night.

Many dreams, all involving a horrible power. He pictured himself many times, standing before an undefeatable enemy, unable to harm them, despite what was at stake. Every time he was struck by it, more horrible visions came to him, about what would happen if he did not stand before it. The only thing Yoh could think is... if only he had that power. He could defeat it. He would be strong! He could defeat anyone! He would be UNSTOPPABLE! As he imagined himself with those powers, he destroyed the undefeated antagonists with one fell swoop, but noticed something terrible happening. That which he was trying to protect was destroyed as well, screaming in horror, burning to cinders. Yoh desperately tried to do something about it, but it was far too late. The powers had done nothing but wrought destruction all around.

Right then, the dream completely shattered into a million pieces, with the boy just floating there. He could not move, or do anything. Soft melodies began to play, and a young girl, looking around 12, in a green dress suddenly appeared. "That isn't strength, silly!" she said, skipping around in the inky black darkness, herself being easily visible, illuminated by an ethereal light. Yoh had no idea what was going on, but he could do nothing, no matter how hard he thought of something. he could only speak.

"What is... strength?"

~ In the dark, a candle is the sun
To light our way back home
It's a dream, it's a hope, that one day we'll be free
Give me strength to open up the door. ~

Yoh blinked for an isntant, and the position of the girl instantly changed. She now sat on a pedestal, holding a small harp, playing it. The little girl giggled loudly, as she plucked a final string. "Look at the sky! It's so pretty!" As soon as she said it, the area above the dreambound teenager lit up into a sunset, quickly turning into a deep blue night sky. A single star stood amongst the blue. "Look! A star!" The girl in blue seemed excited to see it. After hopping around a little, she stopped. "It's not very bright. It looks lonely..." She made a frown, but only moments later, he face lit up, as she held her hands to the sky. "Let's give it some friends!"


~ Only the strong ones, can stand the test of time
Caught in between these two worlds, finding our way...
The sun will rise, to pierce the sky
When this wonderful world starts to shine. ~

As soon as the words left Yoh's mouth, the sky lit up with thousands of stars, making a most wondrous sight. If Yoh only had a camera, he would have taken a picture. "Yay! Look at the sky now! So many stars!" the little girl dances around in the bathing starlight, now covering a strange tiled floor. The boy was awestruck, not sure what to say. In a flash the girl was in his face, staring him down with a toothy grin. "A single star cannot light the sky, but get a bunch of 'em, and it is so bright!"


~ This timeless journey, far from home
I gave it all up, to make a change
Sure and strong, I will fight for what is right!
To make a better place forever more. ~

Yoh blinks again, the girl now sitting on a ledge far away from him, where the tiles seem to end. She looked... sad. The girl began to talk, but Yoh heard her clear as day, as if she was right there. "You can't do everything alone." The girl turned to him, and was somehow teleported right near him, fading in and out in the process. "You need friends!" As she said that, ten more versions of the girl appeared, only difference being dress color. After they all greet each other, they all fade out; the original being the only one remaining. "With friends, you can do anything!"

Friends are... strength?

~ Through the door, I feel our freedom burn
With the light of a thousand suns
We will stand, we will fight, and break through these walls
With the strength and fire in our soul. ~

The green outfitted girl cheers. "Yes!" She plops down on the ground, looking up at Yoh. "Power isn't strength! Friends are strength! Yay!" The little girl cheers a few more times, then blows the boy a kiss. "See you later!"

~ When this wonderful world
Starts to shine... ~

As soon as those words were said, the dream ended, and Yoh snapped awake. He quickly grabbed a clock, and looked out the window. 8:35 AM. "Nngh... What was that all about?" He asks himself, in a groggy voice. For some reason... he felt as though what he learned yesterday, wouldn't bother him so much. After preparing himself and getting ready for another day, he headed downstairs to find his mother going through old photos.

"Watcha lookin' at?" He says with a friendly tone to his mother. "Oh... just some old photos, nothing special," Michi replies. Yoh looked at his watch. He had time to spare, so he took a seat next to her, watching her flip through photos, laughing at some, 'Awwwe'ing at others. "Oh! look at this one, Yoh!" She exclaimed, holding out an extremely old photo. The boy took the photo to look at, stuffing a piece of toast he had on him in his mouth. As Yoh looked at it, Michi spoke. "This one is a picture of your grandmother, going to her first real social event! Isn't she dressed up wonderfully?!"

After Yoh got a good look, he nearly choked on the toast. After taking the toast out of his mouth, his eye visibly twitched several times. His mother laughed as she talked. "Haha! what's wrong, Yoh?"


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