Cutscene: The Winter Hunter

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The crimson-tinted snow swept through the Dark Hour, borne on chill winds. The stinging, whipping coldness was a torment to the man who staggered through the terrifying nightmare he woke from. Coffins everywhere, a terrifying moon above...

And something dark, searching for him. The man felt its fetid breath, hot against his back as he ran, thick with corruption and decay.

He glanced behind him, catching glimpses of the terror behind. It was a monster, its heart an empty hole. The vile creature lunged, roaring as it lunges past the man, bearing him down under its crooked form. The sickly-sweet stench of rotting flesh washed over the screaming man, nauseating him terribly,

"Mercy! Mercy!" The man croaked out, looking up in terror at the brilliant golden eyes. But all it did was grin, the termite-ridden smile stretching across its emaciated face, and with all the tenderness of a seasick crocodile, it reached down for his head.

The man's screams stopped soon after.

Just Like This... - Persona 3 OST

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