Cutscene: The Depths Of The Forest

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Time: September 9th, 2011 (IC/Evening)

There are no sounds that reach here from the city. It's hard to believe that this place is not too far from bustling Sumaru.

No cars rushing to get to their next destination. No people chatting and going on with their busy lives as though nothing else matters in the world except them and their various agendas for the day.

Time passes normally for most beyond the walls of this place.

In this case, the walls are actually comprised of acres of thick and tall trees. Each tree telling a different story of it's life and how long it's been around. Various animals and insects make their home within the bark and leaves and also around the area. For people who wander here without knowing what to expect it's possible to get into trouble quickly.

Beyond the old trees though there is the sound of water. There is a river that runs through the mountain and it's source is not too easy to find but when one does, it is truly a sight to behold.

The large, multiple waterfalls cascade over the cliff of the mountain. Years of repeated abuse from the water against the rocks has caused their surface to become somewhat smooth and caked with algae. Within the large pool of water at the base of the tallest falls, numerous fish and creatures inhabit it. Even in the summer the water remains cool, shaded by the trees. The pool itself is not more than seven or eight feet deep but there are still signs posting around that advise against swimming here. The undercurrents remain strong for most of the year.

In certain areas, there are labeled paths for tourists to the area but generally it is quiet most of the time.

Of course, there are exceptions to this...


There is very little evidence of the terrible events that have occurred here. The blood has long washed away or soaked into the ground.

For what seems like days, Mikage has been wandering around trying to get some kind of bearings on the place she ended up in. Despite her terrible fall from the cliffs, the young woman had managed to survive with the help of her shadow. Even so, she had been badly injured. Persona healing had helped her some but she still had to be resourceful to take care of the remaining injuries. Being a nurse, she had managed to figure out ways to take care of herself enough to stay alive...for now.

Mikage tried to eat and drink enough to keep her energy levels up each day. She had used one of her personae to start a fire and had managed to catch fish and other small animals. She was surprised at how easily killing them had been. Before, just the idea of it would have made her stomach turn. It was the only way that she could survive in this environment though and she was grateful that it was fairly easy.

Despite healing physically, her mind was playing tricks on her. Being alone and not knowing when or if anyone would find her was making her feel more and more hopeless as each day passed. She had no way of communicating with anyone to let them know she was here. Mikage found herself talking out loud sometimes just to try and not feel so alone. It never helped for long though.


As evening falls on her third day in the forest of the mountains, just when she's ready to give up for the evening and return to her small makeshift camp, Mikage finally receives a little hope in the form of a small path...

Would someone come by soon?

Deciding not to wait, Mikage follows it for as long as she can, hoping it would lead her out of this place or at least to someone that could offer help...

Exhaustion soon takes over though and she is forced to stop her explorations for the evening.

For the first time since this ordeal started, she falls asleep with a slight sense of hope.

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