Cutscene: Some Time Later...

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The sun shined down, melting the snow and returning warmth to a land that had thought it gone forever. Birds sing, and animals stir, rising from their slumbers...

And then a terrible, loud noise echoes through the air, sending the animals scurrying away. With an unearthly groan, a figure rises, pallid of skin and with bloodshot eyes. Clawlike hands grasp at their face, trying to awake...

"Oh GOD, this is the worst hangover EVER." Kinshiro Morooka groans. "Man, how did I get out here, I must have gotten /totally/ wasted." He mutters, wavering. The pallid dint turns a little greenish as he grunts, holding back a gorge...


And fails. "Ugh, that's hideous!" He grunts, kicking the nastiness into a nearby tiny stream, not noticing the glitter under his last breakfast as it drifts off down the stream. "Well..." He smacks his lips. "I better clean this out." He pulls a bottle from inside his terrible pinstripe suit, uncorks it, and begins drinking, staggering through the forest back to civilization, and...


Epilogue: Smile - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona OST

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