Cutscene: Shadows in the Night

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It's a cloudy night in Sumaru and the moon is barely visible beneath the heavy cloud cover. Every once in awhile the clouds part and the moonlight shines down on the station. Akari arrives from the Port Island train station but her nerves are on edge. She hadn't expected to be gone this long. She quickly jumps off the train and starts to head out towards her parents house.

Suddenly a whispered voice pierces her thoughts, "Akaaaaari..."

Though young girl looks around but sees no one nearby. Shaking her head, she continues away from the station wondering if she was hearing things or if maybe Belphegor was messing with her. It didn't sound like the demon though.

After only seconds the voice rings out again, "Akaaaaari-chan...come heeeere..."

She stops in her tracks and looks towards the shadows. Nearing the place where the voice came from, she still can't see anything. Her heart is beating fast and she turns away, her steps quickening again.

Then it comes a third time, "Akaaaaari...let's plaaay..."

This time the girl doesn't stop but instead starts running as fast as she can. She searches frantically for the keyring that Seiichi gave her to call him but as she pulls it out, it falls to the ground and Akari stops to pick it up.

When she stops and bends down to pick it up she can feel someone or something behind her. The hot breath breathes down her neck. Before she can snatch it up, it's pushed away from her. As she slowly turns, Akari gasps loudly.

Standing in front of her is Kyo in shadow form. The black lions look hungrily at her and the voice rings out again, "Come on Akaaaari-chan. Let us see how delicious you are!"

Akari screams loudly and turns to bolt down the street. Her short strides are no match for the lions though and as she turns back to look in front of her, she is suddenly aware of pain in her knees. Scrambling to get up, she turns around to see two mouths open above her.

"Noooooooooooooooo...." Another scream rings out before they close in on her. Closer and closer until she can feel their hot breath. With fluid motion, the lions pounce on top of her, clearly looking to make her their next meal.

Suddenly things go dark and it takes Akari a minute to realize that she is staring at the clock. The time reads 2:24AM. Shaking and sweaty, the girl sits up only to realize it had been another nightmare.

Akari tries for the longest time to go back to sleep, only to find that everytime she closed her eyes, the only thing she could see were the lions teeth getting ready to bare into her...

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