Cutscene: Separated

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Shiki is walking around the hallways of the installation, clutching his breast. Thankfully, most of his wounds have been healed before he woke up here, but there's still that lingering pain... It's hard to breathe. Hard to move. He lost his Evoker in the battle, and now all he can do is endure the pain. Push it back. But still, he has to carry on, even though there's no one to fight. No one to help him. No one to see him press on.

He's alone.

Is he even still in the SEBEC building? Maybe, but it's hard to tell in the flickering light illuminating his path. In fact, said light goes out for a second or two before coming back on, weakly. Shiki is not alone anymore.

"...You again!"

He runs forward, chasing the apparition. He pays no mind to the strange inscriptions on the doors he passes by. His pursuit, however, reaches a dead end. He winds up inside a very strange room. Very strange indeed. And in there is the girl. Her again.

A few minutes later, Shiki falls asleep. The lights flicker back on. Mai smiles.

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