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Time: November 18, 2011 (evening)

Place: Sumaru, Yumezaki Ward

For everyone else, it's another typical evening outside Yumezaki Memorial Hospital. But for one person, this may be one of the toughest nights of his life.

After a long day on his police beat for the day, Kohaku Tsukino found himself back in plain clothes and back in front of the hospital again. He already made a call to Mikage, to give him some support in doing this.

Actually, no, that isn't it. To make sure he can't chicken out and walk away again. It's been too long already, and the problems are getting worse. If it keeps up, he won't even be able to function anymore, and then he won't even have a job to fall back on.

Kohaku takes a step and pauses. He's starting to feel it again, and he hasn't even stepped in the door. The shame, the fear, the panic. If someone else finds out about this, his career is over. Hell, whatever life he's built up to now is probably over. Just like what happened ba-

After a moment of grimacing and pain, Kohaku's fear gets back under control again. Under his breath, he mutters "It's just a wound, like any other... this is just some antiseptic... do it... do it."

Finally, Kohaku is able to will himself to move. Into the hospital. through the ER. Into the hallways. Into an elevator where nobody else is around. And finally... and finally, to the hospital's mental health wing. As he sees the receptionist ahead, Kohaku nervously turns a business card over and over again. It reads as follows:

Dr. Tsukuda

Psychiatrist and therapist

Specializing in Jungian Analysis

With a sigh, Kohaku heads up to the window. when he speaks, his voice is pracitcally in a whisper. "I... I am here to see Dr. Tsukuda." The receptionist smiles and nods. "Of course, Mr. Tsukino. The doctor has been expecting you. And don't worry. Whatever you say here stays here. Just take your time to get better."

Kohaku nods to the therapist, not saying anything. He heads to the door, and pauses again. ...too late to back out now. With a slight turn of the doorknob, Officer Tsukino enters the office of Dr. Tsukuda. Maybe tonight, he'll be able to start sleeping again.

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