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IC Time: July 27th, 2012
OOC Time: May 5th, 2012

The news that Seiichi was suffering from Apathy Syndrome shouldn't have come as a surprise to Akari. As soon as Leo showed up at his apartment she should have known something was wrong. After all, even if Leo and Seiichi seemed to be getting along these days it was rare that Leo actually came by the apartment. Nevertheless, the news had surprised her and it had taken her hours to calm down enough that they could leave to get to the hospital.

Entering into the hospital, Akari's heart races, afraid of what she would see in Seiichi's room. In her arms she is carrying a small Jack Frost plushie, just one of the many plushies that Seiichi had given her and her favorite. Outside the room, Akari takes a deep breath and pushes the door open. There are no doctors or nurses there and the only sound is the slow but steady heart rate monitor.

Approaching the bed slowly Akari's eyes fill with tears once again. "Onii-chan..." She places the plushie next to him in the bed before running a hand over his forehead to move hairs from his eyes. There is little movement from the musician and Akari turns around and pulls a chair closer to the bed. Wiping away a couple tears Akari places her head on the blanket covering Seiichi which muffle the quiet sobs coming from her.

"I am so sorry I wasn't there onii-chan... I should have been there with you. I should have been stronger." Akari cries harder. If only she hadn't been so sick she could have followed Seiichi just like she did before. Maybe if she had been there she could have helped. "Onii-chan, please wake up! I neeeeed you!" Despite her desperate words, there is no movement from the bed. She wasn't sure if he could hear her but it didn't seem to matter. "What about Kirijo-san? Don't you want to get better for her? She needs you too..."

Akari knows that there is no cure for Apathy Syndrome right now. A fact that had been made clear to her. She still holds out hope though that some miracle would happen and Seiichi could somehow come out of it. It may be a vain hope though and as she lies there with her head on the blanket the events of the past couple of months replay over and over in her mind. First, the attacks against her and then her possession, Leo's death, Kyo kidnapping and taking care of her, Leo's return, Nazi's taking over Sumaru and now Seiichi's condition. With every thought her sobs grow stronger.

She can't keep her mind from wandering to the night her real brother died. He had died trying to save her but had been overcome by the fire and smoke. Being at the hospital again just brings up all those memories again. Her last moments with him and knowing that if he died she would truly be alone again. If it wasn't for Leo and Seiichi coming into her life she really would have be alone. Her parents never really showed an interest in her life or even seemed to care what she did.

Looking at the dark-haired musician lying so helpless in the bed, Akari continues sobbing, "Please snap out of it..." Those are the last words she utters before exhaustion takes over and, with her head still on the bed, the young girl falls asleep. The next thing she is aware of is the nurse waking her up...

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