Cutscene: If I Am Missing Or Dead

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Who: Shirou Sekigawa
Where: Inaba - Sekigawa Estate
When IC: Wednesday, April 29, 2010
When OOC: 11/03/2010
Soundtrack Song: Mad Mad World by Gary Jules

Shirou paced around the room just a bit, holding a crumpled black envelope in his hands. It had weighed down on him the last half a week, and he couldn't bear it any longer. With a growl, he tore into the paper and pulled out the folded sheet of paper, feeling an odd weight down at the bottom of the envelope. With trembling hands, he sat down at his desk and read what David Goddard had written for him.


If you found this, then I guess I'll never actually get to meet you. I'm sorry for that. And if you found it, you probably know more about me then Midori did. Could we keep it that way? I know I don't deserve to ask anything of you, but that's one thing I regret. That being said, I'm not going to apologize for my actions: things happened the way they did not because of 'fate' or whatever, but because I chose this path. It wasn't right, it wasn't proper, but it was my life.

Do me proud, son. Live your life as you want. If you can, find my files on my computer, the password is 'swordfish'. Because, I'm sure that if you're like me, you're curious. You want to /know/... so I guess I'm leaving you one last puzzle: find out what I was doing, and you can either stop it or finish it. The choice is yours, but just know, as much as I wanted to be there, I couldn't, for lots of reasons.

But I thought of you often.

Take care son,

David Goddard.

And as Shirou tilted the envelope again, a small, faded, black and white photo was shook free, of his mother Midori, smiling happily, arms around a lanky, slightly older Englishman, with thick and straight brown hair. His stomach rolled just looking at that man, and before he knew what he was doing, Shirou punched the wall, giving a fierce cry as he did so. It was loud enough to summon his mother, the woman opening his door with a tired look in her own eyes.

"...everything alright Shirou?"

No answer from the boy, who just crumpled the letter in his hand, as he turned his head away.

"Because... something seems-"

"Everything's /fine/..."

Shirou bite his tongue just as he said it, seeing his mother take a step away from the door.

"No, Mom... it's David... he... he died covering a war for an American news magazine. I'm... I'm sorry Mom..."

After a long moment, Midori closed the door, weeping softly to herself as Shirou sat down at his computer.

"...swordfish, eh... fine. Fine, I'll play your game, Goddard. But you'd better be dead...otherwise I may just kill you myself..."

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