Cutscene: Hope

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Minato watched the boy. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Is this the same boy? The same that he's seen before, practically materializing in his room, way out here?

"You shouldn't be so worried," he says. The boy's smile remains, a simple expression of his apparent mood. "You've prevailed over greater things than a few demons."

Minato nods dumbly. He isn't sure how the boy knows this. Yet... he's seen him before, hasn't he? Outside of what seems to be dreams? Here and there, in the corner of his eye...

"But, it's funny..." The boy kicks his legs idly, hands folded on his lap. His voice takes on a slightly wistful quality, a considering murmur. "It doesn't seem so certain, considering this vast potential within you..."

The boy looks to the sky. Minato's eyes follow, staring upwards into the darkness. "But, we don't have much time to talk. In this place, there is more than one ordeal you must face. You should hurry... they are waiting for you." He casts his eyes downward, back to Minato, smoothly rising to his feet. "Time is always ticking away."

Minato looks to the boy, confusion evident on his face. The boy smiles again, and Minato speaks, quiet voice carrying in the quiet of the alley. "What's your name?"

"Name...?" His smile fades. "Oh, I see. I need a name." There is silence for a span of seemingly endless heartbeats.

"My name is Pharos. You may call me that if you wish."

"I should go now," he says. "I'm already looking forward to our next meeting."

The boy vanishes in the time it takes Minato to blink. He sits alone in the alley once again, the silence oppressive, but a spark where there was none lighting his spirits.

Theme: Blue Oyster Cult -- Agents of Fortune -- (Don't Fear) The Reaper

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