Cutscene: Haunting Dreams

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Somewhere in Port Island

A young girl is dreaming. It is not a pleasant dream.

She wakes up with a start and calls out, “MOMMY!” There is no ‘mommy’ though, she is alone and the room is dark. The faint ticking of a clock can be heard. Her own quickened breathing seems to be noisy in this quiet room. Sweat runs down her face and a couple tears dampen her cheek.

Kasumi sits up in bed and pulls her knees to her chest, resting her face on them. She cannot believe how vivid her dreams were becoming lately. The first dream was months ago but now over the last week they have been almost every night. At first they were not so bad but tonight’s had been the worse so far. She can’t understand it. Was her mother really trying to communicate to her from the grave somehow? Slowly the tears stop falling and exhaustion takes over and she manages to fall back into a restless sleep.

It was slowly taking a toll on her body. She hadn’t felt like eating and with sleep being almost non-existent the last couple of nights she could barely work and go to school. Her father had taken notice yesterday and was concerned. He told her to take the next week off from the store, hoping the rest would do her good. It was hard to truly rest when she was being tormented by these dreams.

She couldn’t help but feel that there was something that she needed to do. Some part of her past that maybe she was still not able to remember. Something that would answer some of her questions about her mother and brother. Maybe there was something else from that night that was hidden deep within...

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