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A sparkling void stretches across an impossible distance, a single point of light shining down within. Amidst the center, there exists a spinning disk of unknowable runes and diagrams. Below this disk, there is a hexagonal platform, inlaid with ivory and obsidian tiles that reflect the glittering lights above. Four columns rise up, evenly spaced, and pierce the unfathomable depths.

Two men stand upon this disk, looking out into the void. One is clad in a suit of perfect white, his face obscured by a porcelain mask. His hair is tied up in a black ponytail. Beside him stands a man in a black pinstripe suit and a red collar, his hair long and styled down over his face. His expression is one of cruel amusement as he looks upon the things that the other sees. "Surely you can see it won't hold much longer. Don't you hear it calling?"

The man in white nods. "Yes. She will awaken soon."

The man in black snorts. "Don't be so coy, Philemon. This is only the beginning of the hell these fools will inflict upon themselves."

Philemon, the man in white, is silent for another moment. "Yes. It will only be the beginning. But don't be so sure on what kind of beginning it will be, Nyarlathotep."

Nyarlathotep, the man in black, laughs. "I won't even need to do anything. The pawns are already in motion. Humanity has all of the tools it needs to destroy themselves. It will be a beautiful sight. I do hope you're ready to admit defeat."

Philemon shakes his head. "You know I won't. Not until the very end, and even then..." Nyarlathotep fixes a steely gaze upon Philemon, as the masked face tilts slightly in an almost abstract tone. "There's always another chance."

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