Cutscene: Fatherly Concern

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"What do you want?"

The comment was terse and direct. Reki would never use that tone of voice normally. Normally he'd be glad for an excuse to get away from that dance club that Yoh and Shirou dragged him to. However, this isn't the excuse he wanted.

The club was dark, but almost empty. Populated by private little booths. Reki had tried to ignore the sight of the occasional female head, bobbing not along with the music and not at the usual height... He tried to ignore the strange scents mixed in with the scents of alcohol and sweat. Unfortunately, he had to find a certain person. Takahito Souma...

His father. Reki found him at one of the booths, empty bottles surrounding him. The photograph of his wife, and of Haruhito Souma..Reki's half brother on the table, with a strange white dust and a razor blade beside it...

The man's perversion knew no bounds... Reki's eyes narrowed, and he asked again, "I am here. What do you want?"

Takahito Souma allowed himself a slight smirk at his son as he leaned back in his chair, his hands lightly fondling the girl (barely Reki's age) seated in his lap. Reki couldn't recognize the uniform, even as his father pushed the hem of the skirt up to scandalous levels. He did find himself recognizing certain salient aspects of the girl's wardrobe...or lack there of and turned his eyes back to his father's with an almost martial disdain.

"Can't a father check up on his son? I wanted to talk to you about something. I understand you ran away from home after you talked to the old man..."

"Unrelated. What do you want?"

"'re really fucking rude for someone who everyone tells me is more polite then me, boy!" Takahito growled, as he leaned forward, "What I want is to offer you something.'

Reki stared back at him.

"I want you to back off on all the working you've been doing. Makes me look bad. Makes you look like an ass. I mean you're what? Fourteen?"


"Yeah, you're Fifteen. Fifteen year olds should be out getting blow jobs behind the school yard like I was." He grinned, "Heh, your Mom used to be pretty good at those.."

"I'm not going to stop. Unlike some of us, I have my duty to attend to."

"'Some of us,' man you're like he is. All full of yourself and shit. We're richer then fucking Bill Gates, there's no need to worry about the company. Even if it went tits up tomorrow we'd all be shitting in golden toilets with diet members wiping our asses. Duty ain't gonna help you. This world's about power, and working your ass off doesn't give you a lick of that. Don't worry your stupid little head though. I can offer you about 124 million in yen, on the barrel head, hell I could even throw in this piece of ass here it'd be like winning the fucking lottery. Money and a chick. I mean hell the things she'll do for just a louis vatone...or however you say it bag... Anyway, You and Koyomi could go and get a nice house somewhere and not have to live at the beck and call of the Old Man, not live in that little douchebag town you live in."

"Grandfather takes care of us, and I am not about to..

"Give up your birthright? You don't have a fucking birthright, Reki." He laughed. His accessory began to titter as well, either too drunk or too stoned to quite understand the conversation. Takahito rewarding her with a harsh, ungentlemanly manhandling of her breasts.

Reki's eye twitched. He debated for a moment calling It. Letting IT take care of his 'father...' but that would be wrong, it would be irresponsible.

"You're just like me, Reki. You'll see it eventually. What a man wants is money, a nice house, a stupid girl with tight holes and big breasts to fuck and hell, a nice meal. Money gives that to you. The hell you want the company for? It'll just give you ulcers."

"I don't want the company. I only want to do my duty. There's more to grandfather's company then money!" Reki turned, not saying goodbye, not wanting to acknowledge the man as he made his way into the street.

Down a darkened alley he turned, falling to his knees as he found himself vomiting.

As he wiped it from his lips, he looked up and it was there, it was always there. Staring at him with insistent glowing eyes from behind its mask.

He found himself wondering.

Was it his face, or his father's beneath that monster's mask.

...and were they the same after all?

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