Cutscene: Epilogue: When Cicadas Cry

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Time and space for the Black Angel meant very little. Though it was many days ago by human countenance, it was only an instant of time for her. She knew the moment she wanted, and she was going to make the most of it. She would later have to split herself through time, occupy past, present, and future, but such trifles were not of immediate at concern and she focused on the present time.

Prisoners would hear the Black Angel for she made no secret of her arrival to them. It would be the guards that would never see her. Rumors sprout out about the Black Angel, how she talked to prisoner #3042-321W.

Rumor had it that the kid took out five older kids with just a crowbar. Nobody will knew HOW or WHY but the Black Angel seemed to know a thing or two about it with the way that she would talk to prisoner #3042-321W. And that was the crazy thing, she would appear--in the cell next to him, and talk to him just like that. She didn't care if the other prisoners saw her, but if they tried to call the guards she just would not be there anymore. It wasn't even like a vanishing, there were no special effects. It made you wonder if she was even there at all.

The Black Angel called him 'big brother'. Sometimes, she called him 'little brother', as fewer would attest. And an even fewer still would say they heard her call herself 'Aki' that first day she appeared.

"Are you holding in your shadow, are you holding in your shadow~?" Aki would sing, "Are you full of love?"

"Aren't you full of so much love that you will burst?"

"It must hurt, because you're so skinny, that you have so much love in you. Shi-or-i, Luuucas, Fiiishy, Yuuuuka. They miss you. I miss you too, but you picked their world, so who cares about /me/?"

The prisoners had no idea who Shiori, Lucas, or Yuuka was. This 'fishy' person sounded like some sort of pseudonym for a gangster, though. They listened in, because they did not have lives outside of the cell. And how did they know someone who could clearly get in and out of cells as she pleased?

"Are you listening Wataru? I don't know if you're asleep now. You're too quiet to hear through the walls, big brother. Can you hear me through all the love that's coursing through you?"

"Because little brother, there's something unusual about love... even an ocean full of love will never fill the emptiness inside you. Isn't that funny? I think it's funny. I can love you and love you and everyone can love you and love you but you'll still be empty. But I bet the love is so loud you can't feel it, all that emptiness."

"I thought maybe I should kill you, little brother, so you wouldn't have to feel the pain but you want the pain don't you? That's why you came back."

"The world is better, they told me. You know, the outside world? I can tell you about the asylum where they're going to put you, if you'd like. It's not a very pleasant one, but I'll bring you flowers and paintings."

"I guess I'm amazed, big brother. I'm amazed at how selfish you are! Oh it's so lovely, I bet your shadow is actually really happy, nurtured deep inside you."

"Daddy told me, he says it's okay for all parts of ourselves to exist seperately, what will happen to me if I become one?"

"I don't know. It's so scary to think about. But don't worry, big brother. I'm going to do a favor for you."

"I'm going to bring in the other killers." Aki said, matter of factly. "So you are not lonely."

And then the presence was gone, though she would be back from time to time but often she talk in impenetrable nonsense just like that. No, the prisoners could gossip and gab about it all they wanted but the only consistent narrative they could conceive was that Wataru didn't kill all five of those men alone after all.

He had help. And apparently this Aki girl was going to bring them to the jail.

Then someone had the brilliant notion was that there were five punks, and five people including Prisoner Wataru. That Lucas guy, Shiori and Yuuka. And the mysterious Fishy, who might be their leader?

Yes, a middle schooler killing five guys, impossible, but a middle schooler and four of his friends? Easily done.

The prisoners tried not to talk about it in front of the guards but in a prison, such a thing is impossible--impossible for anyone besides the Black Angel apparently. News that prisoners were talking about other killers reached the guards, then the wardens, and to be on the safe side, they were passing the info over to Sumaru where it seemed likely he would be stationed.

But the one thing nobody knew was why five individuals would plot so heavily against five others. If it was a gang war, it involved gangs nobody knew anything about.

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni - When Cicadas Cry -

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