Cutscene: Deviancy, Partition A

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Dec 14 2012
Department 4 Offices

"Adachi? Oi, Adachi. Get with the program, we got work to do..."

The detective stirred, his arms wrapped loosely around the back of the chair he was sitting backwards in, his chin propped glumly across the arch. "Wh? O-oh. Sorry. I guess I'm just a little worried, is all.. they've been in there an awfully long time. And, heh heh, you know, the coffee's getting cold."

The other detective he was speaking with, whose name was even less important, to Adachi, than his opinion, just scoffed. "It isn't rocket science, Tohru! We need to make sure we have an ambulance ready, all of the officers called, and the stations manned. This whole mess is going to mean a lot of questions, and a lot of injuries to deal with. To think that I'm stuck with you, of all people..."

"Ah, yeah, you're right. Sorry, sorry... I'll start making some phone calls," Tohru said, lifting a nearby phone from its cradle as to prove his contrition. He wagged the handset lazily after the man. The gesture was enough to send the grousing detective off to another part of the office. The moment he was gone, Adachi's expression soured. "Jeez, what a stressful guy..."

+ + +

The diminutive ghost alighted on the bowsprit of the half-sunken ship jutting from the pipes, the waves of envy crashing against its lofty perch with vivid anger. It wore a dark brown hooded cloak to mockingly hide its identity, and the cold winds cut across it, rippling the tattered fabric. The small spirit had been watching everything that transpired inside the Channel, giving intense focus and record to every detail. It was not a denizen of the Midnight Channel, not native, and nor was it--wholly--an autonomous entity. Its controller was someone very special, and was somewhere very, very far away from all of this. That's why the tiny Poltergeist had to know everything that was going on.

It hadn't been enough. It knew that much. Instinctively, it knew that much.

The suffering hadn't been anywhere near enough.

+ + +

A 33 page document on the oldest printer they had at the office would be enough. Once he was sure he was alone, he flicked on the printer. It was some sort of file on emergency procedures, something he dug up off the intranet in an angry haze. Tohru snorted, just thinking about it. It was so distressing.. Suou was almost crippled, and so was that little girl. But they were alive. They were able to talk and cry. And that meant they--he--would just be fawned over.

Now now. That wasn't really justice at all, was it?

As the air filled with the high-pitched shriek of dot matrix ribbon printing--a relic made necessary by department budget cuts now working to ensure a more complete confidence--Adachi strode across the room to one of the Department's private lines. Oh, it wasn't really like the number would arouse any suspicion if traced. He was just calling his contact in the Ministry of Justice to apprise them of the situation. A contact that also had the ear of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who were also connected with....

"Aaa. Tadashi-sama? I'm sorry for calling you this late at night. Ah, yes. Yes. So sorry for the noise. Okay. Listen. I'm sure it would greatly benefit you if you were to give your friends a few details for me. No, no.. nothing of great importance. Just a valuable opportunity. Hai. It concerns Katsuya Suou-sama. I intend on getting a 'get well soon' card sent. Imagine! Okay, do you have a notepad...?"

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