Cutscene: Decisions

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Who: Minagi Shimizu

Where: Port Island

When: Wednesday, April 29, 2010

When OOC: Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Minagi stood over the city. She often would climb some building or another, she enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city below, without being immersed in them. Honestly, she didn't like the city much, but she couldn't just leave either...too much to do here. She closed her eyes, letting the evening air cool her. It would be chilly soon, she might need to go in and get a coat or something.

Aigis no doubt would fuss over her lack of layers. Minagi chuckled, she was closer to a family than she really had...her, Minato, Junpei, Deidra, Masumi, and Hinata. These things she had chosen to keep, refusing to change time to gain a less blood filled life. One where she wasn't a monster...dooming another sister...something she only recently discovered she had to her fate. Possibly even a worse fate. Her entire life, she hated the fact that she never had a choice...

And then suddenly she got one. She still chose this, she must be crazy. She had to be crazy...but...

Those faces, the people she had bonds with here and now. These things, though her life had been so screwed up, she wouldn't give up for anything.

However, she had another decision to make. She chose this path, she chose to settle her that she could move forward instead of always looking back. She had uncovered so much, it had nearly destroyed her, but now she stands. Stronger than ever...but there was one loose end.

That man, the man that had ruined her life. He had done so for her mother's sake...the sake of a woman that put her on the sacrificial alter to avenge her father. So many things she knew now...and vowed to never let happen to others.

Kandori stood in her way. She could not go forward without settling things with him. She held part of her past still, something she had decided. She would not destroy the sword, she would reform it. Repair it...give it a purpose that it did not have. She also had...

Revenge. Minagi knew what it was that drove her to this. She could say it was to prevent others to be like her again. But she knew that it wouldn't stop with Kandori. She couldn't hope to take down the entire NWO...not by herself. However, somehow, she wanted to stike out at this man that damned her. She wanted to make him pay...but the question 'how far' always came to mind.

Killing him would make the world a better place. But would it make the nightmares go away? Would it unstain her hands? Would it return her childhood to her? Her family? Did she even want vegence at all?

The weight of these questions were on her shoulders. She could not approach it like this. Not again, she wouldn't be anyone's tool. No, she needed...something. A purpose? No...she refused to be bound by limited things like 'purpose' or 'higher meaning'. Being a human was good enough for her. No...

Even then, this didn't answer her question. Was she doing this for her...or for others? Both, she realized, but at the same time could she end it?

Could she take a life again? Could she face her family after doing so? Was she willing to sacrifice all of this to lash out at the man that made her what she was?

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