Cutscene: Cold Comfort

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Footsteps crunched in snow as they walked down the deep forest path. The wind was cold, whipping the gleaing white robes they wore about, but the figure did not shudder. No, for them it was... comforting. As they walked into the ancient sacred place, they looked over the grounds.

The holy place was in disrepair. The area was overgrown by weeds, the structures weathered and decayed by the passage of time... And something else was here. Someone had dug up the center of the area to build a fire, the charred ashes circling the area before the shrine itself. Blood stained the ground before the altar, and the offertory was shattered open. The grounds had been desecrated...

The wind grew even more piercing, the snow thicker as the observers' wrath waxed. The man who committed this crime did not fully pay for his crimes. The loyal servant that the being called was destroyed.

With a gesture, the charred pit exploded upwards, four icy spires twisting around each other to create a frozen throne, upon which the being sat. Behind it, the blood-soaked ice rose, crowning the throne with its proof of condemnation and judgement.

They would pay for their crimes. All of them would be shown the folly of their forgetfulness, the consequences of their corruption.

And behind their glittering crystalline mask, they smiled.

Requiem of the Gods - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night OST

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