Cutscene: Close Your Eyes

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Who: Yuuka Chiba
Where: Church of the Holy Trinity, Port Island
IC Date: Sunday, November 21, 2009
OOC Date: May 23, 2010

"Mm. Close your eyes," he purrs..

Emerald eyes flash, Yuuka starting in her rolling chair in a stone room. Rubbing her wide green eyes, the petite teen tries to shake the image of icy blue eyes out of her mind, the whisper of breath against her face, the feel of slim, calloused fingers drawing across her scarred palms, the gentle press of a hand under her chin. She shudders, sitting in the chair, head falling back against the headrest. Why couldn't she stop thinking about him? Was it really like he say...? Was he that much of a good influence on her? Was it even a good influence, at that?

She lets out a little frustrated growl of noise, head going back into her hands. "Augh." She whines to the empty air, unable to get her own reaction to the movement out of her head as well, a simple whimper of noise especially when those fingers played across her ears-- got to stop thinking about it. "Yuuka, snap out of it!!" She says to herself, giving another little growl of noise. Yuuka shakes her head. Stop thinking about it, Yuuka, stop thinking about the temptation, just ... stop thinking.

That done, her hands return to her temples, rubbing gently, trying to coax her headache away.

Standing up, she turns up the music playing in the background. A wry smile crosses her face when she realizes that it's Utada Hikaru's 'Devil Inside'. A soft chuckle escapes her lips, turning in a smirk that evolves into another case of the hysteric giggles. Yuuka rolls around on her chair, just giggling, wiping at the tears coming from her eyes. "God, I'm hopeless." She says into the air, turning her head to the door. There is a fond look in her eyes, the emerald gems brightening as she just looks at it, even though there's no one there.

"Close my eyes, huh?" She murmurs softly to herself, closing them as she leans back in the chair. A faint smile crosses her lips now, breath coming out in a soft sigh, obscuring the name she murmurs with it, hands lacing together, picking up a small pillow nearby, burrowing her head in it, breathing in, remembering... everything that happened... for once in her life, she behaves, and closes her eyes.

"Mm. Close your eyes," he purrs..

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