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The Lady in Black, Aki, was seriously fucking pissed off. They took Wataru from her but that wasn't the worst part, the True interfered. That fucking bitch! All that time hiding, and to protect some brat--no to protect her BROTHER--she interfered! No, that wasn't protection. She was the only protectiong for 'big bro'. That is why she summoned Yoh in the first place anyway. To protect him when she could not. Of course Wataru wanted to protect his brother instead, which was the real problem. If only he let her handle everything, she could have killed them all within seconds. Just crushing...crushing...CRUSHING CRUSHING CRUSHING THEM!

But not Yosuke. She hated him but oh she loved him. Hated and love go together like a hand and glove. He was so refreshingly honest even when he was lying. It was delicious, really, that 'trolling', ha. All those mean words about her, they're all true though. He didn't try to hide it. That's what made him so wonderful. That, and she could tell: He hated Maki more than the others. If she lost Wataru, perhaps she could use him?

She wouldn't lose Wataru that easily, though. The boy was addicted to bad habits. Yoh was still around, which meant WATARU still wanted him around. Daigan was still here. Dark O? Also present.

And that meant the four biggest Shadows of this world were still in business.

And with Captain Rebellion dead, the last barrier to Kandori's godhood eliminated, and the Harem Queen keeping the losers busy--they were going to paint the world black. Then there wouldn't be a True anymore, just the truth of shadows.

Black - Homestuck -

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