Cutscene: Big...bro ... Ada...chi

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Who: Nanako Dojima
Where: Dojima Residence
IC Date:: November 1st, 2009
RL Date: May 3rd, 2010

Expressive brown eyes stare at the stubble on a sharply cut face. Nanako looks from Ryotaro Dojima's face down to the faded pink cushion she rests on. Her hands in her lap, she looks up at the news on the older TV, the news Daddy is concentrated on. A frown crosses her mouth as a familiar one appears on her fathers face. The news is about Lunarvale, and the disappearances there, of the people in it, and of the city itself. Anxiousness draws itself over the young girls face.

"Daddy? Where's Adachi-san and big bro?" Nanako is pretty sure she knows, but something in her... something in her needs reassured. Reassured that Yu and Adachi are safe. That something didn't happen to them ... not like what happened four years ago with someone else...

Dojima looks away from his daughter, letting out a huff of breath. "Adachi told me he was taking a trip into the Lunarvale area, Nanako." His voice is rough. "As far as Yu..." He shakes his head, unwilling to give her any promise. "Go to bed."

"But Daddy-"

"Go to bed, Nanako."

Standing up from her cushion on the floor, Nanako stares at her father. "Fi-Fine then! It's /fine already!/" She says, tears in her eyes, before there's the thud of stocking feet on the stairs.

Upstairs in her room, she collapses on her little pink bed, head buried in the vaguely Teddie-themed stuffed animal. After a few minutes of silence, Nanako leans over, pulling the faded photograph from her side table. Slim fingers once again play over the photo of Ryotaro and Chisato holding Baby Nanako.

A weak smile crosses her face. as she stares at the photo, before tears start rolling down slim cheeks. "Mommy." She whispers softly, voice choked with sadness and pain, things she hides from her father.

Downstairs, Dojima gets another beer from the kitchen, staring at the fuzzy TV screen, a sigh escaping his lips as his daughters voice echoes down stairs.

"Big ... bro ... Adachi-san..."

"... everyone ..."

A pause.

"... don't go away..."

"... don't go away like mommy did."

Dojima frowns.

Nanako cries.
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