Cutscene: Because You're A Trustworthy Boy

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When: Sumaru City, Corporate Area IC Time: May 4, 2010.

It wasn't every day you got brought before someone as important as Chairman Souma.

Especially if your name was Reki Kurusu.

Reki did admit to feeling somewhat uncomfortable as he sat in the waiting room. It was far from a head corporate office, but the Souma Foundation's Sumaru offices were somewhat nice. Especially when they had been enhanced to host the head of the foundation itself.

Reki had arrived an hour early, checked in and had been told to wait. Like a dutiful retainer, he hadn't moved from his seat since that time. Not even to use the nearby facilities. It was like waiting at court, being there for the Chairman, for his grandfather.

"Mr. Kurusu, the Chariman will see you."

He rose, stepping into the office. A gang of sycophants, lesser executives and the like filed out as he entered. A fifteen year old boy, barely in high school, being called in for a one-on-one meeting when they...supposed management had to meet him en masse. The thought made Reki's heart stir.. It was the stirring of success.

"Ah, Reki. I am pleased to see you. I have heard your scores on graduation were very good, despite having been sent to Inaba," the old man said with an easy smile.

"I aim to excel, Sir. Education is important."

"Yes, yes it is. I wish your father had felt the same way. In many ways I wish you were my son instead of him, Reki... And I wish you were my...legitimate grandson for similar reasons." He added with a sigh as he stood up, "How is your mother?"

"She is well, Sir."

"I am pleased also to see you have been dutifully attending to the various industries in Inaba and surroundings. It shows drive. Quite a lot of drive. Your responsibility and dutifulness has not gone unnoticed, Reki.. Hrm, are you familiar with the old samurai houses. A great emperor would occasionally have smaller branch families which served the main family..."

"Yes, Sir. I am familiar."

"You are like one of those. I do think perhaps one day you may indeed be my heir, if Haruhito proves unsuitable. Heaven's know his and your father is unsuitable... But if you are not chosen, you will support him."

"Yes, Sir. I will support him."

"Good. Good." Chairman Souma added as he produced a small wooden case, "It is unfortunate I missed your birthday. I have a gift for you. It dates back to the Heinen era supposedly, it was used by samurai to retain his family's honor. I give it to you because I know that you would have a similar level of...dedication, if the foundation called on it from you."

"Of course, Sir," Reki added, peering at the knife...

"You are a trusthworthy boy, Reki," Chairman Souma added with a smile, "Not many would be willing to take on such responsibilites."

"Responsibility is my life, Grandfather."

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