Cutscene: Another Battle Lost

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It was a long walk through Sumaru City. Night fell, casting a dark cloud over the heavens. As the clouds surrounded the moon, majority of the light was blocked. The city was relatively quiet at this late.

Walking through the streets, the red-haired scientist had both hands in his pockets while he continued his walk. At the back of his mind, he found himself mentally wandering through various subjects.

He could imagine Ariko's smile with her long red hair. She often changed her hair color. Then, thinking back to Fumiko, who kissed him on the cheek. He found himself liking both, but this is not the majority of the problem.

~ ...Ariko. Fumiko. Yamagatani-san opened his big mouth. My feelings are compromised. However... there is another issue. ~

Riki now stands at a large laboratory, making his way inside. He could only think about the main concern that plagued him: His pact. Fumiko's question rings at the back of his mind.

~ "With whom did you make the pact? And in exchange for what?" ~

Pluto, his Persona. It was just a simple wish that he wanted, wasn't it? His talk with Yoh and Fumiko renewed an attempt that Riki failed before.

Riki now stands at a closed office, gazing up ahead while he draws a hand down to reveal a bag.

Entering the office, he sees nothing but darkness.

"Father. I brought you food."

Riki places the bag right on the counter at the entrance. Through the darkness is a hint of a person wearing a white labcoat. His back is turned, not even bothering to look over. However, there is a twitch as blue fumes blast into the air.

"What do you want?"

"...Just to deliver you something. I also wish to--" "--go home." "... We have not talked since--" "--go home. Your aunt, uncle, and grandmother are waiting for you. They have been bothering me these past few days. We will speak another time. I am busy with the project. I will save lives. ...I will continue to work." "... Mother wouldn't had wanted you to work like--"

A flask is tossed Riki's way, but Riki weaves his head to let the shard strike the wall. The arms shake as both eyes widen. Finally, he relaxes. With a shatter, Riki turns around to depart. "...Very well."

Riki disappeared out of the building, failing yet another battle.

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