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The Forest Witch had yet to leave the forest. It was one thing to say she agreed with them and another to acft. Aki was so scary to Mai. Kandori was even scarier but neither was as scary as the True. They thought it was death that frightened her, but that really wasn't it. She was only as scared as anybody would be of death. No, the thing that really scared her was the True.

She didn't feel fear from Arise and Ritsue. Quite the opposite, in fact. she didn't seem to change magically when her sickness was cured either. And what was most frightening: She knows Ritsue helped break down the barrier between the two worlds. She wasn't sure what to think about that. Surely, she thought, she wasn't thinking of going back home.

If she went back home, she wouldn't be healed anymore. She'd die, probably in a few short years, and that was just a guess. Her Persona would help for a while but then...

She had to ask her, Mai thought, maybe if she knew her answer she could be brave too. She hugged her bear tightly and clutched her compact, vanishing from her gingerbread home and leaving the stuffed animal behind.

Aggrieve - Homestuck -

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