Cutscene: A Ultra-Blue Visit

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Who: Yuuka Chiba
When: IC: Monday, December 6th, 2009 (OOC: June 7th, 2010)
Where: The Velvet Room

She had only been in this room once before, when she first opened her soul to the seas and the world around her. Now, however, the door had appeared, in a quiet length of street of Inaba, a gorgeous ultramarine color. Yuuka looked around briefly, before stepping through. "Welcome to the Velvet Room..." A voice echoes quietly. It is a man's voice, welcoming and yet unforgiving at the same time. It is the place of Yuukas' very soul. Her fingers run daintly over the titles of books resting there, haphazardly stacked, including the infamous Black Grimiore. Emerald eyes finally flick over to a small trio of seats. Two rest directly across from each other, and the other, set back. Emerald eyes flick to the primary seat. Sitting there, buggy-eyed in all his glroy was Igor. They travel next to a shortly-cropped white haired woman in blue: Elizabeth. Yuuka bows, slightly, to both, before she slides into the seat in front of them.

"It has been a long time, my dear." Igor says. "Your soul and the seas around it have shifted... you can summon new Personae now, and your power grows ever stronger... yet... in the end... there is still fear there, isn't there? Allow me to a reading, to see where the path before you lies..." Yuuka can only mutely nod, emerald eyes widening. Igor quietly deals out three cards. "In, of course, the past, present, and future format... my, my..." He murmurs. Yuuka leans forward, anxious.

"The past. The card of the Hierophant. You can see the solution, it is there, you've just got to bring it down. The Querant is the one who wades in, quiets the panic and the mobs, and offers advice that is both good and practical for the world around them. In essence, the card of plain common sense. You used to do this, and do it well. The card of calm passivity, the card of patience. You showed that, a lot, especially during that two weeks in the world away from the world, no...?" Yuuka shakes her head, confused. "Come now, my dear." Igor chastises. "All will come to you over time."

"Next, the present. The reversed ace of pentacles. The aces, of course, are all about the beginning. However, reversed... the spark of energy or emotions that you had for something before no longer lies there. The querant does not understand anymore. The potential you had is blocked. Relationships aren't coming through. There are people hurt for what you cannot feel anymore. What used to drive you to do what you've done is no longer there anymore." Yuuka is nodding vigerously through the whole reading of this card. "I see you understand, then. However..." Igor pauses.

"... there is the future. The card, reversed, the page of rods. The pages are beginning, youthful exuberance. However, this page is a bully. Their temper may get the better of them, someone who is demanding and needy. You will hurt people, possibly. You may show the bitter edge of a temper. Can you control and balance on the knife-sharp edge point? This card does not seem to think so." Yuuka is shaking her head. "I- I don't want to hurt anyone!" The petite teen stammers. "Aha..." Igor says, quietly. "In that belief, you may just end up hurting them more."

Yuuka freezes, staring at Igor. His trademark smile crosses his face, even as he gestures. "Is it not the truth, my dear?" Yuuka shakes her head again, stunned. There are a few minutes of quiet, then she stands and departs, leaving both Igor and Elizabeth behind. "Well." Igor says, quietly.

"We can only show them the path, but their own choices they will make, right my dear?"

Elizabeth nods her head slowly in agreement as the cards are shuffled....

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