Cutscene: A Sister's Love

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Who: Enoha Koinose
Where: Inaba,
When IC: Sunday, January 24, 2010
When OOC: 7/27/2010
Soundtrack Song: Moonlight, by Yukari Katsuki [S.E.N.S.]


Last night felt like an eternity.

Her mother was safe, at least- a neighbor, an old family friend, was already there, checking in on her and the house after the earthquake that just occurred. Enoha tried to act like nothing was wrong but, the neighbor saw through it and shooed her away, telling her that she had everything under control. The news of the earthquake made it all seem worse- rather than just a separated incident, all of Inaba was affected. (In another timeline, Adachi fills this role as well as Shion, two people close to her heart.)

It was all caused by her failure. He called for her. Wanted to be with her. At that moment, if the cave crashed down on them both and the others got out, it would have all been fine. (In another timeline, she would find herself unable to commit such an action, feeling a selfish desire to return to the bright world she had left.)

Shion had to hold her hair back as she retched into the toilet and sobbed, caught between being physically and emotionally ill. For once, she was unable to insist that Shion do what she needed to, instead of taking care of her. (She would have perhaps just held Adachi, almost like she was comforting him as much as he was comforting her.)

Her brother. He's down there still... Lonely. In pain. (Unloved. Abandoned. Is he underneath her feet right now? Cold? Could he hear her?)

"Nii-san.... You waited so long for me..." (Enoha had to go outside, to walk in the snow. Her breath cast little clouds in the air.)

".... and all I could do was just leave you there to rot in the dark again... I'm a horrible sister... A coward..." Enoha looks up at the falling snow, dark eyes wide. ("You deserve to be a part of this world...")

She'll continue searching, anyhow. ("I'll get you back...")

"I'll give you back what they took from you." ("Even if they have to take a part of me to stitch you up.")

"Wait for me." No matter what the timeline. ("I'll always be your little sister...")

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