Cutscene: A Hee-Ho Christmas Special

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Against all sanity, a special session of the Midnight Channel airs in Inaba and the weather wasn't even RIGHT for it.

The typical buzzing as the channel resolves itself is there, but there's something a little ..different.. about it. What it is becomes apparent as the image becomes suddenly, horribly clear.

It's a winter wonderland, full of snow and trees that have been decorated with little glass spheres and skulls and candles, like a slightly demented Christmas show.

And in the midst of this is an enormous fat ..thing.. which resembles nothing so much as a cross between a ghost and a snow man dressed up like a king.

This in and of itself is pretty odd. What comes next is even odder as a great gaggle of smaller versions of the King come in and start dancing in a ring around him as the jolly old elf(?) bursts into song.

Have a HEE-HO, HEE-HO Christmas, It's the best time of the year! I don't know if there'll be snow but have a cup of cheer Have a HEE-HO, HEE-HO Christmas, And when you walk down the street Say HEE-HO to friends you know and everyone you meet

While the King carols, scenes of Christmas cheer are shown on the screen, as reenacted by the ..slightly dangerous.. little snowman things. It's kind of like watching a scene from Gremlins.

HEE-HO the mistletoe hung where you can see, Somebody waits for you, HEE-HO once for me Have a HEE-HO HEE-HO Christmas and in case you didn't hear Oh by HEE have a HEE-HO HEE-HO Christmas this year!

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