Cutscene: A Father's Despair

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ICly takes place on May 4th, 2011


'My fault'


'Didn't make arrangements soon enough'


'Should have paid no matter what'


With every beep of the heart monitor, Kouhei Saitou fell more and more into despair as he held his daughter's hand.

The doctors said that it was too soon to tell when she would wake up again, if she ever did but there was always hope. They found nothing abnormal in her brain scans, which meant she stood a chance of full recovery if or when she ever decided to wake up. All anyone could do for her at the moment was simply monitor her condition and he should get some rest. They would set up a cot for him in the room. It was not normal procedure but someone had gone to great lengths to ensure that he would have full and complete access to his daughter and everything he needed to stay by her side.

He politely thanked the doctors and the nurses, asking them to thank his daughter's benefactor as well. He suspected the Suzuno girl had something to do with this. She was the one who called him after all and she was the one with the means and the funds to make something like this happen. He wasn't blind to his daughter's friends but their social status never bothered him much. His Miwako was a smart girl, one not prone for getting into trouble save for when it found her it seems. But perhaps he should have paid better attention. It was not unusual for his daughter to be out late at night, not since he found out about those things known as 'persona'. Miwako was doing something he didn't understand, couldn't begin to understand but it was something important to her; something that kept others safe. He could hardly begrudge her that but perhaps he should have been more involved.

Now she was here, in the middle of Port Island and her friends strangely tight-lipped over what brought her to this moment. They were most likely just trying to protect him...



He held his daughter's hand more tightly, head bowed as he prayed. He prayed to the gods of his boyhood, to the various gods of healing, to the merciful Kannon. If they brought his daughter back to him, he silently vowed, he would take flowers to their temples and leave donations in Miwako's name. He would try harder to change his ways, try to spend more time with her and become the father he should have been. All he wanted was a second chance to make things right.

The gods gave him no answers, only the constant reminder of the heart monitor that his daughter was still alive.

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