Cutscene: A Daughter's Determination

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Who: Nanako Dojima
Where: Dojima Household, Inaba
When IC: Sunday, January 24, 2010
When OOC: 07/27/2010
Soundtrack Song: How Can I Help You To Say Goodbye - Patty Loveless


Her throat hurt a tiny bit, as expressive brown eyes blinked awake on a cool Inaban afternoon. Stretching slightly, a little girl sits up in bed, shadows cast over the stuffed animals and the night that falls upon them. Nanako Dojima yawns softly, rubbing one small hand across an already irritated red nose, making her stretch in the bed with a grimace, hair hanging down in waves around her face, silhoutting her small frown as she scrambles out of the bed, bringing a small red and blue teddy bear in one hand, and in the other, stuffed animal platypi. She makes her way slowly down the stairs in the quiet Dojima household, towards the kitchen.

Edging her way around the packed dining room table, shegets herself a glass of water from the sink, thirstily slurping at it, greedily even as it helps soothe the irritated ache she feels and the slight heat from just chills and the cold in general. Once she's done, she puts the cup back, noticing it rocking on the countertop for a few seconds, before shrugging. Japan was known for being earthquake country at times, so she's been in a few already.

She heads back up to her bedroom, soothed at least a little bit now.

"Mommy..." Nanako cries out, wobbling on her feet as the earthquake hits suddenly, rocking the little girl back and forth on her feet and nearly into the wall as she heads up the stairs. She blinks tired, watery brown eyes as she leans against a wall, clutching to a banister like a lifeline as the shock rolls through the house. The small girl lets out a soft sob, almost a whimper as she waits for any aftershocks. A few minutes later, as the earthquake finishes, she wobbles and lands on one of the steps, leaning her head against the wall as she cries softly, shoulders shaking. "Daddy..."

She stays there, huddled around the two stuffed animals for several minutes as she cries, staining the wood with the tears and dampening her pink nightgown into a reddish color, shoulders shaking. Eventually she drags herself back into her room and onto the bed in the shadows, curled up into a small ball around it. "Mommy." She sobs again, turning her head to hide her face in the pillows, struggling to be strong, strong for daddy. Mommy is watching over her, right? She has nothing to be worried about.

... all she has to do is remember.

With a final muffled sob, she falls quiet, shadows sneaking in and stealing over the small, trembling frame, fading the pink into the black of night...

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