Cutscene: A Daughter's Betrayal

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The light of that day the normally seeps through the windows of the office has faded away. The only light in the office now comes from the moon filtering through the blinds and a small lamp that sits on Daisuke Kohama's desk. The older man sits hunched over some paperwork, alternating from reading to typing on the computer It is completely silent except for the faint rustle of paper or the sound of his typing as his fingers move over the keyboard. It had been a long day but he works hard and would not leave the office until everything that needed to be done had been completed to his satisfaction.

The ring from the phone jars him from his work. Expecting it to be an unimportant call at this time of the evening, he doesn't answer it, continuing to work. As soon as the phone grows silent for a few seconds, it starts ringing again.

Reluctantly, Kohama stands up and stretches slightly before picking up the phone. "Kohama Daisuke," is the greeting given.

"Sir, as you requested, we sent someone to check up on your younger daughter's activities." There is a slight pause before, "It appears that our informant saw her with Masahiko Irie."

There is nothing but silence on Daisuke's end of the phone. The anger that is building within him can almost be felt through the phone itself. He begins pacing around the office, banging a clenched fist on the desk.

"Damnit! What else?," he asks, not bothering to hide his displeasure at the actions of his younger daughter.

"Well, sir, not only that but it appears that Mikage has left the organization. She seems to have made an agreement to remain our ally and continue her nursing duties at Fujiwara, but if she is associating with Ir-"

Daisuke's voice interrupts the man, "-Don't tell me what I already know!!" With that he slams the phone down nearly breaking the receiver in half.

Within minutes, he is making another call, this time from his cell phone.

"Kohama here, can you send me your best assistant? Now. I need a job done..." There is no sadness in his voice, only pure anger.

For so long, Kohama had detached himself from his younger daughter convincing himself that he was much too busy to deal with her problems, only using her when he needed something done. It had been instilled on both of his daughters from the time he took them in from the orphanage that if they ever stepped out of line and did anything to compromise his position within the Ministry or later within the Order, the infraction would not be easily overlooked.

He never expected Mikage to commit this terrible act of betrayal. She had to be taught an important lesson. She had to know that she had screwed up.

The person sent is only heard entering when he has already arrived, quietly shutting the door behind him. He is a long, tall young man with black hair. He is dressed stylishly, and wears expensive designer sunglasses in a shade of amethyst. He settles, one hand folded over the other at his waist. He bears the most disinterested frown set on an otherwise unreadable face.

The young man doesn't speak but it's clear what he is here for.

"I need you to do a job. I will pay you well." A pause. "I want you to kidnap my younger daughter Mikage Kohama." A picture and an address is given. "Your order is not to kill her, understood?"

To that, Mikiya Ryouhara only smiles, faintly.

(August 26th, 2011 ICly)

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