Chisato Kasai

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Chisato Kasai
Aliases Chisato, Hair
Arcana VI - The Lovers Reverse
Nature Civilian
Preferred Weapon Fists
Faction Unaffiliated
Job Student
Origin Persona 1
"I'll find my own way."
Profile And Skills

Profile: Chisato Kasai once had it all: Luxury, power, the fear and respect of everyone around her. She was known as the Harem Queen. Before that, though, she was a regular student at St. Hermelin, a woman of average talent and appearance. Her loneliness caused her to target Maki Sonomura, a popular and talented girl in her jealousy, and that jealousy nearly consumed her. However, after being rescued by Maki and her friends in the dream city of Mikage-Cho, she returns to being a student in the real world once more, having to adapt to the challenges of real life. Between her talents in art, her new understandings of herself and others, and her attempts to move past her years of jealous hatred, will she be able to return to a normal life once again so easily?

Skills: The Green-Eyed Mosnter, It's One Thing To Know The Path, Another Thing To Walk It, Amateur Artist, Measuring Up To Expectations, Maki-Chan?, Friendship Or Hatred, Be Careful What You Wish For, Erusaer Tsymmom?, Is Fear Better Than Love?, Mirror Mirror

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