Chiharu Satou

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Chiharu Satou
Personal Information
Real Name Chiharu Satou
Arcana XIII - Death (Reverse)
Nature Shadow-Possessed
Gender Female
Age 14
Preferred Weapon Antique bone saws
Organization Information
Faction Strega
Job Escaped Mental Patient
Shadow - Jack the Ripper
OOC Information
Origin Original Character

"From Hell..."


Chiharu's life has been one terrible event after another. Her mother was institutionalized, then committed suicide; she inherited her mother's mental disorder; she was made an outcast at school; Rumor pegged her as the one who murdered a classmate; and she was locked away in the sanitarium. Fortunately, Strega rescued her. But the damage is done. Chiharu is locked away inside her own mind, making her appear emotionless and disconnected from the world, often to the point of catatonia. When the darkness inside her is too much to handle, however, it manifests with extreme violence, giving her Shadow a chance to take over.


Oh My God She Has A Saw, Nothing To See Here Folks, Memoirs Of A Mad Woman: How The System Failed Me, Oops... I Did It Again, From Hell, It Runs In The Family, Olympic Wall Stare Champion, Nice Boats In Nevada, Writes Stuff On Walls With Blood, Opposite Gender Shadow, Top Hats Are For Fight Scenes, Conveniently Rescued, The Universe Hates Me (But Strega Doesn't)

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