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On every game, there are character concepts that either just don't work, or need to be reviewed more critically for various reasons.. These are respectively referred to on PersonaMUSH as 'Banned' and 'Restricted' concepts. These are dealt with in more depth in the lists below.


For banned character concepts, the list is simple:

  • Non-Persona/Shadow Powersets: Sorry, no demon-summoners, no magicians, no anything supernatural power-wise that doesn't come from your character having a Persona or being possessed by their Shadow. There are a small handful of FCs who are exception to this rule, but no OCs with nonstandard power sets may be apped, and in general we will try to bend even these FCs to the rules where possible.
  • Non-Human Characters: Outside of a few pre-existing FCs, we will only accept apps for OCs who are human. This means no animals, no Shadows, no robots, or anything else that shows up in future installments that isn't human.
  • FCs from Other Themes: We like SMT! We like other games made by Atlus, too! But this is PersonaMUSH, so that's our focus. Applications for FCs who are not from a Persona game will not be accepted.
  • These Specific FCs: These FCs may not be applied for due to plot reasons or other concerns: Ryoji Mochizuki, Marie, Taro Namatame, Nanako Dojima, characters from Trinity Soul not on the FClist, and any nonhuman non-Playable Characters.

And one more:

  • Dead Characters: Sadly, as time passes, some FCs will pass on. Since death is the undiscovered country, the dearly departed cannot be apped.


These are universally concepts that, for various reasons, must receive additional admin review if you app a character with them. Note well! Applying for a character with one of the traits listed below does NOT mean that they will not pass the application process. It means that they will be scrutinized more carefully. What you should think about when considering a character with one of the below aspects is, 'what do they add to the game?'

  • Wealthy Characters: Some characters are born into better circumstances than others. For a few, they can rightly be called 'wealthy'. Since such high levels of wealth are rare in society, we will be evaluating characters with access to a lot of money more closely.
  • Combat Experts: While combat mastery lends no mechanical benefit on the MUSH, the fact remains that high levels of combat aptitude are likely to be rare in Japan during peacetime.
  • Foreigners: While the fact that this game takes place in Japan doesn't bar foreign characters from being here, we would like to ensure that the demographics remain predominantly Japanese. As a result, we will be looking at foreign-born applications more closely.
  • Close FC Ties: It may be possible to apply for an OC who is closely connected to an FC in some way. Perhaps they were childhood friends. Maybe they were college roommates. They might even be distantly related. Whatever the connection, we want to evaluate these concepts to make sure they make sense with the character, make sense for the FC, and to make sure that the FC in question is all right with this connection.
  • Rare/Special Equipment: This does not apply to a character who has a special keepsake or treasure. It does, however, apply to any character who has a unique piece of equipment that no one else has, or perhaps an antique family weapon that has a load of history behind it. These can be great plothooks, but we want to be sure that they are reviewed more carefully.
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