Captain Shimazu

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Captain Shimazu
Full Name 島津管理官 (しまずかんりかん)
Aliases Shimazu
Arcana VI - The Devil
Nature Civilian
Gender Male
Preferred Weapon Handguns
Faction NWO
Teams On The Take
Job Antimatter Universe Dojima
Origin Persona 2
"The matter is under review. Why don't you take a few weeks off, Suou?"
Profile And Skills

Profile: The head of Sumaru City Police Department's homicide division, Captain Shimazu wants nothing more than to see a "cleansed," "innocent" world. Unfortunately, he is willing to destroy anyone and anything to reach that world -- the world he believes the NWO dreams of. A long career of tracking down bizarre serial murderers has made Shimazu crafty and tenacious, as well as talented in a fight. He has a particular disdain for Katsuya Suou, and uses his seniority and his connections to Chief Togashi to make the up-and-coming policeman's life as uncomfortable as possible.

Skills: Receding Hairline, Too Old For This, Moving Toward a New World Order, Does Not Have The Courtesy To Stab You In The Front, Knowledge (Bureaucracy), Knowledge (Serial Killers)

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