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Due to the nature of the MUSH, don't be concerned if an application (especially an original character) requires additional dialogue with an admin before approval.


1a. Personal Information - Please give us your real name, usual personal email address, and age. Please note: you must be 18 or older to play on PersonaMUSH.

1b. Prior Experience - If you have prior roleplaying experience on other MU*s, please name a few and what characters you've played there. If you haven't played on any, don't worry! Just let us know and we'll be happy to give you a hand. If you happen to be playing characters here, or happen to be dropping any, please list them as well.


2a. Character Name - Your character's name.

2b. Feature Character or Original Character - A Feature Character (FC) is an application for a pre-existing character drawn from one of the list of available characters of PMUSH and feature in one of the canon Persona franchise games and select other sources. An Original Character (OC) is an application for a character of your own devising.

2c. Gender - Male or Female.

2d. Age - How old is your character?


3a. History - The history of your character represents is the /story/ of your character up to now. The history of a character can be thought of as a listing of the persons, forces, and events that have shaped a character. While we don't expect a book here, detail is appreciated.

The baseline of what history requires are the following: information on your character's family (or lack thereof), when and how they acquired their Persona or Shadow if they have one, and how they joined their faction if they're a member of one. If they're in school, where do they attend, and in what year are they? If they have a job, what is it? And, of course: where do they live now, and around how long have they been there?

3b. Personality - The personality section of your application is a place to show what sort of person the events in their life have made your character become. This section is very important, since it affects what their Arcana is, and if they have one, what their Persona or Shadow is.

Like history, the personality section has a few required points. We must see information on: your character's strengths, your character's flaws, your character's general temperament and motivations, any notable driving conflicts, and a note about their hopes, goals, or dreams.

Other helpful details to get you started are their thoughts about the world and the people in it, what evokes emotion in them, what they think about the supernatural, and, if they know about them, what they think of Personas, Shadows, and/or demons. If they are in a faction, include what they think of it. Include as much detail as is required to fill the necessary points above and as much more as you think will help you play the character.

3c. Arcana - Like in the Persona games, the Arcana is a representation of your character's archetype in terms of the Tarot's Major Arcana cards (news tarot). It is used in PMUSH's Social Link mechanic. A short explanation of how the Arcana traits ties into the character's history and personality should be here. Please see NEWS TAROT for more information.

3d. Persona - If your character is a Persona-User or Shadow-Possessed, or will be gaining a Persona or Shadow soon, please state what it is here and provide a brief explanation for why it suits your character. See NEWS PERSONA or NEWS SHADOW-POSSESSION for more information. If your character does not have a Shadow or Persona, leave this section blank.

3e. Background Assets - If your character has any special assets or abilities not covered otherwise, this is the section to request them. Whatever it is, let us know what your character has (if anything), and describe the scope of these assets and what restrictions if any are on their use. Examples include access to money (from an allowance or a job), knowing someone who's willing to take packages somewhere, or special contacts through parents or friends.


In this section, provide information on character statistics. Generalities are all that are needed.

You will be given the opportunity to stat your character yourself once approved if they are an OC. This may be waived if desired. Regardless, we still need you to provide the basic information below.

4a. Personal Stats - What kind of person is this character? Are they fast? Tough? Strong? These statistics should be informed by the history and personality of the character. See NEWS STATS for more information.

4b. Weapon - A character in Persona will have a weapon of choice. Note that firearms are pretty rare in Japan and this is reflected on PMUSH. Improvised or archaic weapons predominate. Name the preferred weapon and give it a class from one of: Piercing, Strike, and Slashing. See NEWS WEAPONS for more information.

4c. Special Ability - Every character has a special ability that can be used via the EX Meter in combat. It can be mundane or have a touch of the supernatural to it if the character is a Persona-User or Shadow-Possessed. Specials can be offensive, defensive, supportive, healing, or debuffing in nature. Briefly describe it here and give it a name.

4d. Persona/Shadow Stats - What kind of Persona/Shadow does the character have (if any)? Is it fast? Tough? Strong? This section will be informed by the Persona/Shadow section of the application. See NEWS STATS for more information. You should also generally describe the sort of abilities the Persona or Shadow has. See NEWS ELEMENTS and NEWS ABILITIES for details on what might be possible. If you are planning to have your character gain a Shadow or Persona in the near future, you should complete this section even if they are currently without one. This section can otherwise be left blank.


5a. Faction - The group your character will belong to. Current valid choices are: NWO, Darkside, SEES, KDA, D4, and Kagutsuchi. For characters not in any of those groups, Unaffiliated exists. For more information on these groups, please see the relevant newsfiles.

5b. Concept - What is your character's basic concept? This can be as humorous (Bear In the TV) or as serious (High School Student) as you like.

5c. Profile - This should have a few sentences about the character. A good way to think about this section is what everyone else would know about the character second or third-hand, including rumors, fame, general personality, and some basic background.


All done? Spellchecked? All questions answered? Excellent, you're ready to roll. Please send your application to with the header:

Application - (Name) - Faction

We will reply as soon as your application is being processed, both to contact you regarding the status of your application as well as to give you your login information when you are approved.

Good luck!

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