Amane Sakurai

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"Awww, come on! It'll be fun!"

Personal Information
Real Name Amane Sakurai
Arcana XVIII - The Moon
Nature Civilian
Gender Female
Age 17
Preferred Weapon Scarves
Organization Information
Faction Unaffiliated
Job Magical(?) Girl
Assignment Yasogami High, Second-Year
OOC Information
Origin Original Character



A perfectly normal second-year at Yasogami High, Amane Sakurai spends quite a bit of her time trying to be exactly /anything/ other than 'ordinary'. Not that most people are sure whether she's really trying, of course. She's bright, cheerful, and has a reputation for coming up with wild ideas with perhaps only vague ties to reality, but she's also lived in Inaba since she was really young. In fact, it can be a surprise sometimes to remember that her dad has as serious a job as being a police officer. Despite her usually-goofy demeanor and head-in-the-clouds way of approaching life, though, her good grades and apparently genuine goodwill towards other people suggest that she's either more in touch than she lets on, or really off in some other, maybe 'nicer' world. It's just that she says such uncomfortable things sometimes, that's all.


I Have An Idea!, You Can Borrow My English Notes, Just Check Out The Cool Drawing in the Margin, What Do You Mean It Doesn't Look Like a Rabbit?, We'll Always Have Yesterday, So Let's Trade In for Tomorrow, Anyone Can Be Special, Can't Actually Draw At All, Quirky By Day, Heroic By Night, Believe in Miracles

Notable Social LInks:

Sadly Empty :(

Totally Amazing Trivia and Extras


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