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"We all hide behind many masks. You youself wear such a mask."

Players are permitted to own a maximum of five (5) characters at any time. A player may apply for another alt after two weeks have passed from the acceptance/closing of their previous alt. The following restrictions also apply:

  • Players are limited to two (2) characters per faction; only one of these may be an FC. Alt interaction rules still apply.
  • Players are limited to one (1) fachead.
  • Players may have no more than (2) FCs at any time. Especially active players may be approved for a third FC on a case-by-case basis.

The following characters do NOT count against a person's overall limit:

  • Characters created for the purposes of an admin-approved TP.
  • Admin alts.

As a note: OCs idle for over six months will be placed on the idle warning list; after two weeks, if there's been no response to admin, said OCs will be deleted. A player is free to reapp such a character. An FC idle for such time will have been opened long before this becomes relevant.

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