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Due to the limited number of FCs on the MUSH and the special role that FCs play in the game, there is an expectation of a certain amount of activity with the character. Generally, we'd like to see two to three hours of activity per week for most FCs. This generally amounts to one scene of some kind. Ideally, FCs should also be generally representing themselves and their role from their setting. Facheads have similar requirements, save that they also need to keep on top of their faction members' activities and are responsible for attempting to disseminate plot hooks to those faction members and for supporting an overall group cohesion.

If admin have an issue with the activity level or portrayal of the FC, we reserve the right to contact the player privately about it. If a solution can't be found that is amenable to both parties (admin and player), the character will be opened for applications. Being on vacation will waive these requirements for a while, but if a player is on vacation more often than they are here playing, it may be time to consider whether that player has time to really play their FC.

OCs do not have any time requirements.

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