Reiji Kido

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Reiji Kido
Full Name 城戸玲司
Aliases Reiji,Chris
Arcana XV - The Devil
Persona Bres
Nature Persona-user
Gender Male
Age 19
Birth Date August 18th, 1992
Blood Type B
Preferred Weapon Fists
Faction Darkside
Job Six-Pack Leader
Origin Persona 1
"Give me an excuse, I could stand to blow off some steam."
Profile And Skills

Profile: Reiji Kido, referred to by all sorts of nicknames for his bad attitude, thug like appearance and tendency to wander around without a shirt no matter what the weather is like, is not exactly what someone would expect to be someone with a bright future. He has a terrible reputation and tends to flake off from school at St. Hermelin High School. How he hasn't failed out yet is a mystery to everyone. Most people do not know that he is the half brother of Takahisa Kandori, head of the SEBEC Group, though perhaps their capacities as Persona users hints at their connection to one another most of all.

Skills: Captain Naked, Unfortunate Scarring, Looks Like Somebody He Doesn't Like, Has A Subscription When It Comes To The Old Man, Mama's Boy, Bark Worse Than His Bite, Demons Just Can't Get Enough Of Him, Some Ladies Like A Bad Boy, It's Always Shirtless O'Clock Somewhere

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