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- XV -
"The ties that bind the strongest are the ones placed on oneself."


There is no mistaking it: the Devil, though they can be an ominous person, are the ones who understand the concepts of need and want the best of all. Desires, though they can enslave and bind people to them, are as natural to living as breathing, and the Devil knows this best of all. Some seek to give people what they want the most... and some yet will only do so for a price, one that might be quite the dear one. Passion, charisma and instinct are also key, as is power; all the things that people tend to repress, they revel in. Of course, there is a good reason most people keep their desires firmly in check: not all wants are healthy ones, and others still can quickly spiral out of control.

In its reversed state, the Devil demonstrates the logic behind the occasional indulgence. Holding back can lead to taking no chances; such a person experiences little in their lives, caught up in the fear of becoming addicted or bound to their wants and desires. Lacking passion and refusing to give in, such people become highly repressed and restricted. There are also those who can take the Devil's exultation in the senses too far, and in doing so, deaden their senses to further enjoyment.

Sample Personae

  • Poltergeist, a troublesome spirit said to disturb households by throwing inanimate objects around
  • Succubus, an evil demon that takes the form of a woman to seduce men
  • Pazuzu, a being from Assyrian mythology who represents the drought-bringing southwest wind

Example Persona-Users/Shadow-Possessed

Upright Traits

Materialism, Self-bondage, Lust, Egoism, Obsession, Passion, Instinct, Temptation, Attraction, Pessimism, Misjudgment, Making of mistakes. The nurse who happily and unapologetically makes would-be draining work into her highly fulfilling passion.

Reversed Traits

OPPOSITE: Dispassionate, Uncommited, Running away, Escape, Flighty, Removed. The person who really wants to buy a set of extremely luxurious chocolates, but after dithering about it, decides not to get them.
BLOCKED: Overly restricted, Afraid of addictions, Afraid of excess, Afraid of temptation, Taking no chances. The person who leaves the area without talking to anyone the moment they realize there are chocolates in it.
UPSIDE-DOWN: Going too far, Over-indulgence, Exhaustion, Boredom. The person who was offered the chocolates, and ate them all in one sitting.

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