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Kanon Itoh
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Personal Information
Real Name Kanon Itoh
Aliases Kanon
Arcana Judgement
Nature Persona User
Gender Female
Age 25
Birth Date November 12th 1985
Preferred Weapon Gambling
Organization Information
Faction Darkside
Teams Itoh
Job Cool Sister
Divisions Delinquent Youths
Assignment Sexy Foreigner
Persona - Urdr
OOC Information
Origin Original Character

"They don't call it a blast from the past for nothing."


Technically Kanon Itoh has another surname altogether, but when she heard that her mother had married another man and had two daughters, she decided to go back to Japan. Her father, having originally absconded to Brazil via Cruise Ship after some legal trouble in Japan due to being a member of the Yakuza, having lacked a proper son had raised his daughter as best he could in fine criminal tradition with some success. She already knew of her mother who visited during cruise stops but when she settled down with her husband she stopped visiting. It wasn't until Kanon learned she had sisters living the sweet and peaceful life that she decided to slam her way over to Japan, intending to aggressively implant herself in her half family and be a horrible influence on her siblings. Though she seeks out a carefree lifestyle, her lawless and klepto nature can sometimes drag her back into old habits she knows are wrong.


Tattoos, My Coelhinha Is Unstoppable, My Centelhinha Will Kick Your Ass, Laidback And Easygoing, Taking After Mother Despite Everything, Tattoo Artistry, Body Is A Canvas, Sexy Accent, Smooth Fighting, Awesome Hat, Still Gets Hit On Less Than Mother Damn It, Loves The Motorcycles, Stealing From Her Family And Then Giving It Back, Doesn't Use An Evoker But Would Like To Because It's Pretty Metal, Inherited Gambling

Notable Social Links

  • 0 - The Fool
    • Minato Arisato: SEES team leader. Like any good female student of Gekkoukan, Hina has fond feelings for the quiet boy. Even more so after finding his choice of music to be incredibly awesome. She just wished he hung around a lot more often instead of disappearing, there's more she'd like to know about him!
  • I - The Magician
    • Yosuke Hanamura: Kanon headbutted the guy once, and then beat on his Shadow Clone. Kanon didn't know what the deal was with his Shadow Clone but apparently she was able to get along pretty swell with both. She isn't exactly super close but she gets along with him.
  • II - The Priestess
    • No notable links.
  • III - The Empress
    • Tomomi Fujimori: Assaulted the Lucky Seven. Kanon does not care for her. Her hate and rage have cooled but she'd probably assault her just on general principal.
  • IV - The Emperor
    • Akatsuki Enda: Hinata's... something! Kanon likes him. He seems perfect. TOO PERFECT. But she doesn't expect any secret horribleness out of the guy. He seems to genuinely care about people even if his image seems a little too important to him.
  • V - The Hierophant
    • Shinjiro Aragaki: Not just Ran's boooooooooooyfriend, but also Kanon's boss. She doesn't really have a huge admiration-on for the guy, and in fact is more prone to teasing the guy, but she appreciates what he does for the street and for Ran and knows that beneath Grumpy's exterior, he's really a nice guy.
  • VI - The Lovers
    • Blaise Cameron: Blaise Cameron said to Hinata once 'You can't help who your family is'. REVERSED! But for Hinata's sake she is willing to Peace Fistbump.
  • VII - The Chariot
    • No notable links.
  • VIII - Justice
    • Anise Thompson: Kanon fought her once. And then they had a nice chat afterwards. And by nice, we mean bitchy and backhanded.
  • IX - The Hermit
    • No notable links.
  • X - The Wheel of Fortune
    • Ran Itoh: Kanon loves Ran. She also loves Hinata. In some ways Kanon wishes she knew them from the start so her own bond could have been as strong as theirs. She really looks up to her little sisters, even though she's the older one.app mom
  • XV - Devil
    • Itsuka Mizuhara: She got brought back from the dead!! Does that make her a zombie?
  • XVI - Tower
    • Himeru Namikawa: She's weird and kind of formal but Kanon likes her because she seems a little more mature than a lot of the other teenagers. There need to be more adults. As a friend of the family, Kanon osmosed her into her friendship circle.
    • Thora Kobayashi: Kanon's favorite customer (who is not also family). Kanon doesn't mind her bigness. In fact, she finds it awesome because it gives more 'ink' opportunities.
  • XVII - The Star
    • Ritsue Tetsumoto: Kanon's friend. She crashes on the couch. Also, like, apparently she brought a girl back from the dead? Pretty awesome.
  • XX - Judgement
    • No notable links :(
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