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This page is for all those dumb injokes and memes that just seem to infest the MUSH like a weird fungus. Add on!


  • Ankles - The most prized and sexiest part of a person's body. To witness these without permission is worthy of execution.
  • Beanie - A visual barrier to the heavenly mullet known as Shinjiro's hat hair.
  • Bobby-kun the Police Dog - An import from the Persona 2 Drama CD. He's a dog from the Sumaru City police department. Do not underestimate him; he's very dedicated to his job.
  • Cat Photos - Few know that the MUSH was actually started as a means of secretly trading pictures of adorable cats in various poses. Signs of this origin persist to this day.
  • Fatbirding - To menace another character, generally in a psychological or physical sense. Derived from Angie Gallant's playthrough of the pigeon dating sim, Hatoful Boyfriend.
  • Fridgeotp - Two people shoved into the refrigerator within a short span of time. Fridge marriages are invalid unless officiated with the words "now make out".
  • Ponponpon - Watch this catchy, happy, slightly creepy, j-pop video, and you too shall realize: everything is pon.
  • Tartarus Theater - Persona 3 gag comics. There's a reason Akihiko wears a shirt to the beach.
  • Terribles - It is not just an adjective, but also a noun. Used for the worst people you know. ie: "Daisuke Itami is a terrible."

Persona Gag Videos

For the videos we always find but can never refind which aren't really memes or injokes in themselves. They're just funny.


  • When attacking a boss using Valkyrie, you are allowed to include Yosuke Hanamura in your area attack. She's still pissed off about that Kekko Kamen summoning mishap.
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